Friday, March 18, 2016


Sing with me everyone! "Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....into the fuuuutuuuuure..."

That's how I feel every time I sit down to blog. I don't like that I wait so long in between posts that I always feel like I'm doing an overview instead of more specifics. There's only so much time in the day, and with all of my various responsibilities taking priority, blogging has moved to the back burner. I'll try to keep it simmering though (if we are going to continue with the "back burner" metaphor.)

Here's our typical type of day, recently:

Wake up. Lounge. Play.

Have breakfast.
 Go on some sort of outing.
 Zoo with Makae! (I tried to go alone last week and it was a nightmare - Stockton screamed and cried the whole time, ugh.) When we went this time, Austin just let Stockton run wherever he wanted and followed him while the rest of us followed Natalie.
(Or Target with Mimi!)

(Sometimes I hold these straps like horse reins haha)

(playing at Mimi's)
Then, it's lunch time.

 Natalie loves feeding Jack. It's pretty amusing and stressful to watch.

Next up: quiet time! Jack sleeps anywhere from an hour-two hours, Stockton is more like 2-3 hours. During that time Natalie and I hang out. 

her birthday card that she drew for Uncle Aaron. She instructed
me to draw the red lines for candles, but she did everything else
and was very proud of her rainbow cake

sometimes we play inside, sometimes we play outside (and share jello with whipped cream)

sometimes she wants Elsa hair and gets mad
that it doesn't reach her shoulder, acting like
it's my fault that her hair isn't longer 

 Isn't she the best? My little princess.

Then the boys wake up and we play some more.

post-nap milk recovery

sometimes it's nice enough to play with water outside

 We raked leaves one afternoon and cleaned out and vacuumed the car. It was magical and productive.

I like when Natalie lets me experiment

Watching the three of them play together is probably my favorite thing. they love dismantling the couch and climbing all over it and themselves. Stockton likes to kick, Natalie likes to pull, and Jack just goes back and forth over everyone.

movie time - I was trying to capture the smiles Stockton and
Jack were giving each other but Smalls got distracted when I came over

Sometimes we go to the park or play with friends or go on walks.

It worked for like a minute to keep Jack sequestered
in the dry pool. Stockton was confused and Jack
kept trying to escape.

 Finger painting fun! I love the fancy shoes with the old t shirt.

 Apparently my children can levitate.
 Snacks are involved, and sometimes we do an extra special outing like Lost in Fun.

Smalls is getting good at feeding himself.

Way more fun when we go with friends!
Then Daddy comes home and we tackle our evening. I recently gained two piano students and it's been fun to get back into that world. (Both students are quite good, one is 11 and one is 17. I much prefer intermediate/advanced students than beginners.) We juggle dinner plans, church responsibilities, friend get-togethers, and other evening activities.

Movie night with the Welches and Natalie who didn't want to
go to bed. We watched Bridge of Spies - really good!
Sometimes the daily grind grinds on me more than I would like to admit, but looking back I seem to mostly just remember the good times. Happy days : )

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