Friday, March 18, 2016

RS as of 3/18

A little Relief Society update...

didn't Erin do such an awesome job with
these invitations?
she's the best secretary in the world! 

Last week we pulled off the first official activity under our new presidency and I think it went really well. It was a learning experience for all of us, trying to coordinate and plan and prepare effectively without a true activities committee (yet) while still getting into the groove of our callings. We did a dinner and then had different sisters present little stories from the history of the RS in Lincoln (gathered from a book and other resources that Sister Noble, my second counselor, had accumulated over the years). Then a few sisters shared visiting teaching experiences where they've been blessed by being a visiting teacher or being visit taught, and we ended with a song about the mission of the Relief Society. The whole evening went pretty smoothly and it was so nice to see all the sisters mingling and having a good time.

kitchen goddesses...I was too busy to take more
pictures than this which is sad
It was humbling to be the person who sees all of the behind-the-scenes efforts - so much work and coordination go into these kinds of activities and I wish there was a way to recognize everyone for their contributions. Everyone kept congratulating me on a successful activity and I felt bad because the credit is totally not mine. This sounds kind of dumb but I really felt like a proud parent (or really, proud child, since everyone is older than me) watching everything come together and seeing everyone help out.

a fun and delicious visiting teaching brunch
I have been really enjoying getting to know more of the women in our ward - the sisterhood is sweet in Trendwood and it has been a blessing to participate in this capacity. DO YOUR VISITING TEACHING, EVERYONE! Seriously. If I were asked to speak in General Conference it would absolutely be about VT/HT, no question. It is truly the Lord's Program and we would see MIRACLES if we were all 100%, or close to it. (Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not a perfect visiting teacher myself, but my testimony is growing exponentially about the critical nature of this work.)

An example of how visiting teaching doesn't always have to be a home visit: my friend's daughter played in an orchestra concert so I took Natalie to go see her with me. Natsby didn't last the whole time but it was fun to introduce her to the music world and support my friend at the same time.

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