Friday, May 13, 2016


An everything post!

 My children LOVE sitting on blankets. You lay a big blanket down on the ground and they FLOCK over, arms flapping, and plop themselves down. I don't know why it's so stimulating but they all love it haha. I thought it was cute to have them on each of their own blankies in this picture. Also, Stockton's sunglasses.

 Attention! Three children playing together! Purposefully and contentedly! I rounded the corner after finishing up in the kitchen to this sight and stopped still, not wanting to disturb the moment.

Brothers. Oh how I hope they are friends growing up. Kimber do you feel like your boys are pretty close already? 

 Fort under the table! Goldfish and banana picnic

 I had the blankie over his head while we ran inside because it was pouring rain, and he kept it like this for a while in the store haha.
 His FEET! You know he's excited when he holds them out stiff like that haha.

Natalie likes doing workouts with me. Sometimes I tell her to come here and she says "hold on, I'm exercising." Note my frown of displeasure - I was not happy at Jillian this day apparently, ha. (Also, Austin took this picture without me knowing lol.)

Homemade bread a la Shaina!!! Isn't this the most drool-worthy sight of perfection?! Mm I want to eat it alllll again. We are experimenting with the idea of making our own sandwich bread instead of buying it because it is cheaper and WAY more delicious, and, I bet, less unhealthy, but since I don't have a bread machine OR a stand mixer, making bread is a little more laborious than I'd like if I was to do it every week. I'm sure we'll do it a lot more often now though. Thanks, Shaina! (Another perk of friends in the blogosphere.)

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  1. Ahhh! I feel famous. :) That bread looks delicious. I wish I could share my Kitchen Aid mixer with you! But you live just a tad bit too far away. And your kids sitting on blankets together--SO CUTE. Amber likes to join in when I do my small circuit of exercises. Before I got real ankle weights to use for a couple of the moves, I used to use my big clunky Keen Mary Jane shoes. Amber used to drag out those funny shoes every time I unrolled the yoga mat. It cracked me up, because I don't think of mary jane shoes in reference to working out! I love what kids notice and think about. What sweet fun little people you have.