Monday, May 9, 2016

DC: Renwick

We went here as basically an afterthought - it is diagonal to the White House and looks like a fancy big Victorian house, but it's built just to be an art museum and it's free and it's awesome! GREAT call, Ananda!

This was the first room we saw - it's at the top of the stairs and you walk in and everyone is laying on the ground, so obviously that's what you do too. It felt so juvenile and lovely.

Then we went into a room that used wood chips to make this sculpture:

Next, a room of marbles:

Across the hall, to a sculpture made of rubber tires:

 ...I guess we didn't take a picture of the room at large, it was probably the least cool

Then.....a room with real (dead) bugs pinned to the walls. It was terrifying and interesting and weird. Most of the bugs were unbelievably large, like nightmarish! Austin would have fainted.

We went down stairs then, past a sparkly light fixture and an awesome chandelier, and into a room full of these whimsical stick burrows:

(Now I think I'm mixed up on my room order, but it doesn't matter...)

A room of index card mounds:

 I think they kind of look like faces

And a rainbow prism made of string:

The whole place was beautiful and inspiring and silly and impressive. If you are in D.C., make sure you make it to the Renwick Gallery!

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