Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jack is ONE!

 He's ONE! I can't believe it. Smalls has been a giant part of our family for the last year - it seems crazy that it's only been a year! He is absolutely meant to be with us and we love the enthusiasm he brings to our lives. Lately he's also been a little whiny, but he still has a zest for life and fun and a twinkle in both eyes.

 post-cake rinse

 He loves his siblings and has the cutest curlies on the top of his head. He sometimes walks, most of the time crawls on his toes with his bum in the air. He can identify fan, clock, and multiple family members. He loves saying "Stockton" ("dah-dun") and "clock" ("cuck"). He still stiffens his legs and points his feet when he's excited about something. He loves being outside and on the toy airplane. He dislikes being away from Mommy and getting his diaper changed.

 We had a fun celebration over at the Poulsens - I love all the phones you can see taking pictures haha. Also, the Dennis Quaid neckline (flawless).

He much prefers feeding himself, and gets mad if you try to stop him from going up or down stairs. He laughs when Stockton plays with him in the car and loves pointing at your nose.

Happy Birthday, Smalls! We love love love you!

(Also, Jack Atticus is still such a cool name, in case you were wondering.)

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