Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Utah Trip

I'm skipping ahead to write this post since it's fresh on my mind, but never fear, I'll get to the others too! (Sorry Jack, you turned one over a month ago...he he). I'm sad that I didn't take more pictures of this trip - my hands were always too full and I was always enjoying the moment too much to take pictures, I guess.

Austin's sister, Makenzie, got married in Bountiful on May 27 so we decided to suck it up and venture out on our first family road trip since summer 2014. We were nervous about how the kids would sleep, how they'd do in the car, if they'd destroy the houses and places where we went, and if Austin and I would survive all of the potential doom we were imagining. I am happy to report that we did, indeed, survive, and everything went really well!

anything to make them happy - suckers, mittens, dollar toys, forts 

Wednesday was a driving day. We met the Lincoln Poulsens (Makall and parents) to caravan together at 4 in the morning and enjoyed a trek across the exciting, lush, beautiful wilderness of Nebraska and Wyoming. (LOL). The kids were SUPER - they hardly fussed at all, took naps when they felt like it, didn't have any potty issues, and really just totally killed it. It helped that Natalie and Jack took turns going in Grandpa's car. We had a hilarious amount of toys and activities and snacks and blankies, but it was worth it because we didn't run out of distractions for the kids. We got to Salt Lake in record time and had pizza with Grammy Bee, Max, and my mom, who were fresh off their Europe trip and not heading back to Omaha until Sunday (yay, piggy-backing trips!).

Agenda items:
Hires Big H
Old Spaghetti Factory
Cafe Rio
meet Makae's boyfriend Nate...he checks out so far ;)
running to H Rock
Grandma Poulsen visit in Ogden
seeing Goose/Ryan and their families
seeing Jocelyn and her family
seeing Laura and her family

It was just a great trip all around. The kids weren't too destructive and slept pretty well, we saw everyone we wanted to see, and the wedding was great. Makenzie looked so pretty and she and Kevin were so happy and it was nice to be surrounded by so much love and family.

 blue and green were the wedding colors - I can't wait to see the real pictures!

I asked Austin what his favorite part of the trip was and he said "spending time with Goose and Ryan" - these are some of his original best friends from Idaho and they don't get to see each other very often, so it's a riot when they get together. Too bad they didn't have Fluff and Anj to complete the posse! Lots of foozball and basketball and laughing and reminiscing. And Austin made us all crepes for dinner, which were a big hit.

Coincidentally my favorite part of the trip was also friend time - I met Jocelyn when she lived in Lincoln and since she moved to Farmington we've made it a priority to see each other every time I'm in Utah. She is the BEST and I am so sad that we don't live closer because I think we'd literally hang out every day. Her family is awesome and we got to go to church with them, have dinner and make smores, and hang out in between wedding events. Jocelyn and I met for our traditional Cafe Rio and could have chatted all night. THANK YOU friend for being awesome and letting us crash your weekend. Also, move back to Lincoln immediately. (P.S. proof that we are soul friends: we showed up to church basically wearing identical outfits. I am so sad there's not photo evidence of this happening.)

One morning Jack and I headed down the hill to Einstein Bros Bagels, another favorite food destination.

I went to Grandpa Bee's funeral 2 years ago but I never saw the gravestone, so I snuck down there to visit and it was nice to spend time thinking of him. His name was John but he went by Jack, so it's special that we have our own Jack now too.

We had time to kill before lunch one day so we explored This is the Place and pretended to be pioneers. Natalie is kind of a wimp when it comes to walking so she was complaining and I tried to teach her about the pioneers and how they did hard things, and we can follow their examples and do hard things and be strong. She likes taking her shoes off so I told her she could take her shoes off and pretend to be a pioneer since a lot of them didn't have shoes by the end of their journey. Now anywhere we go she asks if she can take her shoes off "like the pioneers" haha, I don't think I quite got my point across. But it was nice to reflect on the sacrifices of the pioneers and try to teach our children that they can have courage and keep going! (The park is at the opening of the canyon the pioneers originally came through. and there are monuments and placards and walking paths and a replica village, etc.)

The kids loved playing in Grammy Bee's backyard. The landscaping around her house is just incredible, and it was nice to be enjoy the Utah air out there.

I spy Smalls! (and Natalie, obv)

reading with Grammy Bee
The drive home was slightly more rough - we slept through our alarm, so we left an hour later than we planned (which is double lame since we made the other Poulsens wait AND we're already losing an hour from the Utah to Nebraska time change, so it felt like the trip was way longer). We didn't put a carseat in the Poulsens car this time and the kids were mostly fine, but about an hour outside of Lincoln Jack decided he had had ENOUGH and decided to cry for a while. Mostly though things still went really well and we are relieved and grateful that we were safe. 

Happy Memorial Day to me! Just a warning for speeding, but fun fact: Austin's dad also got a speeding warning earlier that morning. And Stockton fell asleep with his blankie in his mouth, which was amusing. We call it "blankie snack." Til next time, Utah!

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