Friday, June 10, 2016


Austin decided he and Natalie needed to go camping in the backyard last month, but there hasn't been a free Friday night until last weekend. They set up the tent, got the sleeping bags/sleeping pads/pillows all ready, and then before they even went into the tent it started POURING rain, like absolute deluge, so Austin ran out and moved the tent into the carport. The boys were already asleep and Natalie was already pretty tired (it was like 8:30) so they decided to do s'mores and "campfire" (aka charcoal grill) in the carport. They invited me out for this part of their campout, which was very kind : ) (although I was inside watching the last season of the West Wing, so I didn't feel too left out!) We had s'mores (two each, obviously, has anyone ever just had one!?) and it was still raining and wet, so they decided to just "camp" in the carport. Not quite as picturesque sleeping under the old, paint-peeling wood instead of the stars, but still.

 Notice Natalie's wet curls...playing in the rain might be her favorite activity. Also, not sure why the fire is purple.

finishing up the fire and almost ready
to get in the tent!
Natalie was super tired but too excited to settle down, so they watched Home Alone on the portable DVD player. She kept calling for me or saying she needed something inside or just being unsettled in general, so by 10 when I was ready to go to bed I went outside to check on them and Austin was fast asleep while Natalie was wide awake watching the movie. A "discussion" ensued where we told Natalie she needed to 1) go to sleep in the tent right then, or 2) go to sleep in her bed right then. She was not thrilled by either option and was too tired to be reasonable, so after a significant meltdown and some recovery cozies we finally coaxed her into her bed inside and had a good night's sleep.

We shall continue to (forcibly, if necessary) instill a love of all things camping into our children, but I suppose we can try to be patient : ) We have plans for epic Poulsen campouts in the future! Our ultimate dream is to go on combined camping trips with family/friends. Memories, galore!

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