Thursday, June 9, 2016

(Oops, Easter)

 Isn't she so pure and lovely and glow-y? These pictures are back from Easter, they've been hiding and are too cute not to share, even though it's so late.

 Austin's office put on an awesome easter egg hunt for the kids! (By "kids" I really mean "Natalie," since Stockton picked up the first egg he saw and then laid on the ground admiring it for the rest of the time, and Jack got hold of an egg with coins in it and was content to sit and shake it while Natalie filled two whole baskets by herself. The office they use is in front of a vacant back office, and it was the perfect place for the hunt. That's Stephanie, the fabulous receptionist at the office. She's the best! Also, please notice Natalie's "bunny ears" hairstyle, by yours truly.

 Stockton did enjoy the candy-eating part of the hunt, as did we all. Stephanie hid coins in denominations of ten in the eggs since she knew we had just done a family home evening lesson on tithing, so this is Natalie figuring out how much tithing she needed to pay.

Fun fact: the first time I ever went over to the Poulsens was on Easter 2011. It's fun to reminisce each Easter. This year we had a great dinner and dyed eggs (I'm cringing looking at the white dress in these pictures, I can't believe it made it through alive!)

 Stockton likes sunglasses // Jack doesn't like Makae (lol)

 I don't know why Natalie's shoes were in that spot in the bathroom - seems kind of inconvenient, but who knows what she was thinking haha.

we made the original cayenne-chicken-ranch quesadillas again, finally!

 snuggly boy

 my children are such deliberate, careful dippers in their sauces of choice: ketchup for Stockton and BBQ for Natsby.

 lego play! I brought up the tub from the basement so we could have "fun" "building," but mostly I just got frustrated that the kids were destroying my awesome wall, so the tub went back downstairs where I don't interrupt their play, ha. I think I must need lego therapy or something: two hours and my own private space to do my own lego projects.

 April was also General Conference, of course. It was fun to watch a little bit of the General Women's Meeting with Natalie before she went to bed. I usually like going to watch the broadcast at the church with my friends, but Austin had plans that night so I got to just watch all cozy in my bed.

And that was the beginning of April, two months late!

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