Thursday, June 9, 2016


 Grandma and Grandpa got the kids this joint birthday present: a trampoline! They love it and get so red-faced and sweaty jumping on that thing. Jack has recently been more and more eager to be involved - for a while he would whine to get on the tramp but immediately reach frantically back for us to take him off. Now he even tries jumping!

 One of the best parts of the trampoline was playing in the boxes! The first time they saw them I think the kids played like this for an hour and a half. The boxes are still downstairs, ripe for rocket ships, boats, and so many other adventures!

 My pretty Natsby, in her favorite place: OUTSIDE

 Jack has recently only wanted to eat if he is the one feeding himself. It kind of drives us a little crazy because he makes a giant mess and doesn't even end up getting that much food in his mouth, so he's hungry sooner than he should be but won't let us feed him so the cycle restarts. Silly Smalls!

 I think I will always love any picture that has all three of my children together. Sigh. Also, Natalie always has something fabulous to wear. For a couple weeks it was boots with everything, even shorts. She loves choosing outfits and proudly showing them off to us.

 Natalie decided she would be helpful and put sunscreen on Jack for me. Thanks, Natsby!

 A Daddy and his Stockty

 For Mother's Day, Austin and Natalie made me delicious crepes! And Natalie and I had good cozies for quiet time. And I felt loved and appreciated. (Anyone else think that Mother's Day should not be on Sunday, arguably the hardest day of the week?! Just sayin.) We skyped with our missionary brothers and had dinner with the Poulsens. A good day. A good life : )

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