Friday, June 10, 2016

The Daily Balance

BALANCE has been my struggle the past few months. I never feel like I'm getting everything done, or if I do well in one area another area completely goes down the drain. It's been a challenge to manage my calling, my personal health and wellness, the care of my family and home, and personal recreation/entertainment time, all while getting enough sleep and enough Austin time. Adding in Stockton's therapies and various appointments, plus anything that the other children have going on, makes my life logistically exhausting sometimes.

huge line at the DMV -_-
The past week I've been feeling on the up and up though - I've been spending more dedicated time in scripture study to clear my head and bolster my spirit, and I've noticed a difference in how I feel throughout the day and especially my patience level with my children. It's also helped me have more of a desire to be productive and less of a desire to give up. I'm getting more organized and more focused, and I'm going to bed feeling like I've accomplished more instead of going over everything that I haven't gotten to.

I signed up for a daily kickboxing group class which starts tomorrow, and I am totally ready to add this consistent fitness into my routine. I LOVE workout classes - the loud music, upbeat teacher telling me exactly what to do, and people all around me doing it is a combo that really gets me pumped. I have known for a long time that I am not disciplined enough to get in shape by my own efforts, so I'm really excited to have found a group workout setting so close to my house! Austin is the best - he's been so supportive and excited for me and awesome.

We also signed on to do a paper route! We needed extra money but didn't want to sacrifice time with our children, so we looked into being paper carriers and found out that it can actually be extremely lucrative. The trade-off is that we will be getting less sleep (the whole morning process takes 2-2.5 hours and can start as early as 2:30am), and I'm pretty nervous about that, but hopefully we can make it work and pay off some debt, including our car!!!, and then just build up our savings. It really feels like an answer to our prayers. We're planning on switching off days so it won't be quite as taxing as doing it alone every day, and we'll just have to streamline our evenings so we can get everything done and be in bed early enough that we're not total zombies forever. More on this to come - we start Monday.

MJ's double stroller was a lifesaver when I didn't
have a babysitter for Jack and he came with us to speech
on the third floor.
Aren't they cute with their post-appt snacks?

We're still working on our plan of attack for Stockton - I've contacted three or four service providers to get on their wait lists and see if they would be a good fit for us, as well as ongoing updates/wait lists with Munroe Meyer. We have private speech appointments weekly in Lincoln, in-home speech every other week, and a parent training/speech therapy session with Leslie at MM every week. I have "homework" and a book to go over as much as I can from our appointments with Leslie, and there is still so much more we can look into and do ourselves at home; I feel like we've barely scratched the surface. But I'm still going about this calmly and unhurriedly - I don't want to get completely caught up before I have a handle on what exactly we are ready for treatment-wise and how we want to go about it. Stockton is doing really well - he doesn't seem bothered by all this hullabaloo, and other than Jack screaming at the babysitter for 20 minutes I think the other kids are doing fine too.

I try to do some sort of Relief Society project, task, service, WORK each day.

I try to remember to bathe the children.

We color with intensity.
I don't go to the grocery store as much - we're trying to save money, and getting each child bathroomed, dressed, fed, shoed, carseated, and not crazy in the store is getting to be more prohibitive for me. It's easier just to stay home!

I teach a piano lesson on Wednesdays.

We have dinner with the Poulsens on Sundays.

We're grateful to be renting - our kitchen faucet
had corroded and was spraying water everywhere,
so Larry the Landlord comes to the rescue the very
next morning and installs a brand new faucet right then
and there.  New dishwasher, new garbage disposal, new
shower head, new porchlight, all on Larry's
dime and personally installed ASAP. See, self: there are perks to renting!

Austin plays basketball on Thursday nights and works hard at his job every day, without complaint.

We try to see our friends often enough.

we make time to try new recipes on the
weekends, like eggs benedict (delish!)

The dishes often go un-done.

We do it all together. I'm so grateful for my wonderful silly easy husband. He's the best. The daily ins and outs of life may change, but it will always be daily and it will always be fun with him around.

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