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"What desirest thou?"

We planned a temple trip for our Relief Society activity this month. We were leaving Lincoln at 5:45pm and weren't going to be back til 11, and since I was doing the paper route the next morning I wasn't planning on going, plus I had plans to go next week and just went a few weeks ago so I wasn't feeling desperate. We had ten sisters sign up, but only one of them was available to drive, so I ended up needing to go as another driver. I was initially kind of frustrated because all of my efforts to find someone else to drive/go in my place/relieve the most stress for the most people failed, and then I realized that Heavenly Father was probably just trying to coordinate the circumstances perfectly (or "imperfectly," as I thought initially) so that I would have no other option but to go. It turned out to be a big blessing, as it always is when we make the effort and sacrifice to go. There were 13 reasons why it would be much more convenient/easy/better for me to just …

Play Time

It was horribly hot and humid for multiple days and then it was really rainy, so this was the first time we went into the backyard for like a week and all the flowers were magically in bloom! The boys were fascinated.

Before swing, after swing! It was a PAIN to put together - construction is NOT my forte - but the kids really love it and it looks really cute. And it's super nice to not have the pile of blue and green materials hanging out in the carport.

 Jack's favorite drawer // fleeing the scene

Stockton found Aiden the Alligator!!! It was in a random diaper bag pocket that we never use (or haven't used since our Utah trip) and he found it for some reason yesterday and was SO happy.

 they are excel

Summer Natalie

Natalie has been an especially nice girl lately. In certain phases she can be more stubborn/uncooperative, but she has been so happy and pleasant all summer. She is independent but prefers when we play with her. She keeps up an almost constant chatter with us all day. She loves being cozy with her animals and is particular about which one she sleeps with each night. She has been really into talking on the phone lately - she knows how to call my parents from my cell phone and will be on the couch talking to one of them before I even realize she's called. She has an astounding memory - she'll bring up obscure details about an event a year ago that I can barely remember we went to. She can't wait for preschool. She gets sad if she doesn't get to go on every single errand I ever go on. She's compassionate and curious and clever - we've noticed her problem-solving skills dramatically increasing lately, which is fun to see. She doesn't like wearing shorts anymor…


Poor Stockty got stung by a bee last week, the first of our children to have that fun experience! My dad found the guilty (dead) bee in his car later that night. He was stung on his ear, which swelled up for two and a half days and then I noticed the stinger still in there and pulled it out and the next day it had returned to a normal ear.

 You can probably tell best in the bottom left picture, but it doesn't even really do it justice. It looked very abnormal!

I'm relieved that he didn't have a bigger allergic reaction - hopefully that means the other children are also not super allergic and we won't have that particular issue someday.