Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Play Time

 It was horribly hot and humid for multiple days and then it was really rainy, so this was the first time we went into the backyard for like a week and all the flowers were magically in bloom! The boys were fascinated.

Before swing, after swing! It was a PAIN to put together - construction is NOT my forte - but the kids really love it and it looks really cute. And it's super nice to not have the pile of blue and green materials hanging out in the carport.

 Jack's favorite drawer // fleeing the scene
Lately Smalls has been doing this GIANT squinty grin and it's the cutest!

Stockton found Aiden the Alligator!!! It was in a random diaper bag pocket that we never use (or haven't used since our Utah trip) and he found it for some reason yesterday and was SO happy.

my satisfying block cake that I built
while everyone was in bed

 they are excellent window washers (well...at least they're enthusiastic!)

Stockton's favorite thing lately has been to be "koooohhhh zy." He brings us a blanket and wants us to wrap him up and then he sits somewhere giggling and saying "koohh zy" haha. Sometimes he wraps himself up and it's comical to come across a little Stockty bundle.

and reading with Mimi. It's been a good month!

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