Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Natalie is FOUR

Four four four four!!! Happy day!

It seems like we've been celebrating for the past week! Birthdays were always my favorite growing up (I still secretly/selfishly love birthdays so much) and this year I felt like Natalie understood the full meaning of it being her birthday. She knew it was on August 1st, knew it was a day that we are happy for her and she gets to open presents and we have cake, and she knew that it was over after a day. She loved it! It was fun making it special for her.

she did all the black and sprinkles, and told Austin
which letters to write to spell "cake" (a little off the mark...)

She was very proud of it! She has been obsessed with this black frosting since she saw it at Target a few months ago and was SO excited when we got it for her and let her decorate. She requested basically every color for the inside layers, but we made her narrow it down to 2 and she picked pink and blue.
"can I blow yet?"

 She loved opening presents. Like, loved it. We let her open some all through the day and it was fun for her to spread it out like that. She could hardly wait for us to finish dinner so we could open the last presents! We had all the Poulsens over (Anthony, Afton, and Ashlee are even visiting from Nevada!) for a cafe rio-style sweet pork burrito dinner and it was soooo yummy. I tried a different recipe this time and it is definitely a keeper.

Some hits were: a tea set (I've been to about 129 tea parties since yesterday), a white dressup dress and accessories, and some books. I'm embarrassed to write everything she got, ha, so suffice it to say she was spoiled! (We celebrated with the Plumbs the previous week since Mimi was going to be out of town for the actual birthday. I don't know where my pictures from that went!!)

Natalie is the perfect person to give gifts to because she is extremely enthusiastic every time. It doesn't matter if it's a leaf from outside, if you call it a present and make a big enough deal, she will be THRILLED.

"spelling" gma and gpa

 While we cleaned up from dinner I told Austin to go around and take pictures of Natalie with everyone. Here's what he got:

 Haha maybe next year I'll be in charge of the pictures : ) (jk babe!)

After we put Jack down we had a little family night and sang songs and played floor games. It is so sweet to hear Stockty sing "I am a Child of God," seriously. Love him. We did lots of "If You're Happy and You Know it..." adding new actions like sneeze, tickle Grandpa, do a spell, and other Natalie originals. We also tried to do a pyramid which was hilarious.

It was a happy, Natalie-filled day. We are grateful for our Natsby! And all of our family who celebrate and love her too.

talking to Makenzie in Bountiful (she tried to wear those
shoes to bed haha)

"the way Peppa should be!" - Anthony

capturing the cake moments

two minutes after waking up on her
birthday morning we jumped right in
to making the cake!

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  1. CUTENESS!!! I have been neglecting the blogosphere for the past week or two, and it's such a treat to have a few friends' posts to catch up on. Sweet Natalie. What a happy birthday. I just love you guys. Keep up the amazing work friend! You inspire me. And maybe if I let my kids decorate their own cakes they'd look better...love that idea!