Monday, August 15, 2016

Poulsen Party

please notice Aaron, lol
Afton, Anthony, and ASHLEE, our perfect niece, drove all the way from Nevada to visit for a week! It was so nice to have tons of fun family time. 
Makae and Smalls
The Poulsens brought me (us) a gift in addition to Natalie's birthday presents: an awesome double umbrella stroller! I've been coveting one since my friend let me borrow hers. They are compact, easy, and the best part is that the kids don't mind being in it. (They are boycotting our regular double stroller - it's not worth the effort to try to force them in.) The Poulsens remembered me talking about the double umbrella a month ago and surprised me with one! So thoughtful and lovely : )

Stockton gets really mad if I put it away - he loves pushing it around in the living room, sitting in it, and spinning the wheels.

Happy birthday Grandpa!! July 29

The boys like to lounge on the Poulsens' stairs for some reason...

a view of dinner time
(Sam is the brunette next to Makall and Makae - she's living with the Poulsens
and we've incorporated her into the fam!)

 cooking with our aprons (I need a better picture but Sam made Natalie a darling apron! // icing sore feet with Gma // Stockton enjoying an after-dinner snack

One of the highlights was making their famous Fair Donuts. Absolutely incredibly guiltily so delicious.

Like there is no way to describe how delicious these donuts are. We all couldn't move afterwards. 

It was a great week. The first night they were here we got Honest Abe's burgers and watched Zootopia, and another night they all surprised me by coming in to Tico's while I was at work! One morning the kids and I went over just to hang out and we went for walks and enjoyed being snuggly with Ashlee. It is so important to have these family times! 

love love love love!

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