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The Piano Guys

When I first met the Poulsens, I was soon introduced to "The Piano Guys," a cello/piano duo that covered popular songs and classical music in fun youtube videos. I thought they were all right but I wasn't like obsessed.

Now I'm obsessed. We went to their concert last month and I was blown away. I've seen many of their videos but not even close to all of them, and it was so fun to hear it all live with a clever combo of video/special effects. Turns out, Steven Sharp Nelson, the cellist, is my mom's cousin, like actual real-life not second-or-third-or removed COUSIN, grew up together, his uncle is my grandpa, the whole nine yards. Where have I been all these years?! Cousin Steven hooked my mom up with tickets since he couldn't come to dinner when they were in town, and so to the concert we went. I HIGHLY recommend going, if they ever come to your town. It was uplifting, silly, funny, and spiritual. I loved it!

One of my favorite parts was what they had to s…


Another birthday, check!

And what a fun birthday it was. I have always loved birthdays. I think it is so fun to celebrate YOU, whether it's your birthday or someone else's. A whole day to make someone feel special and important. I don't know if it makes me self-centered to love my own birthday but I can't deny it so there it is : )

One of my favorite things about birthdays is that they often start early and end late - for instance, we opened presents a week ago (a Jessie/Austin trait is that we have zero patience for surprises from each soon as we have a gift we simply have to share!) and then you keep getting mail/comments for days after your birthday, extending it even more. I love it. Ananda called me this morning and we were laughing about how one time I was planning my birthday festivities before she had even celebrated her birthday (in July, ha).

I did the paper route this morning, which sounds kind of backwards since it's generally not a celebrato…

Conspiracy Theories (Realities)

(by Austin, if you couldn't tell)...

Pictures that remind me that...

One of the things I hate about getting behind in anything, but particularly blogging, is that when I do get around to catching up it never feels as authentic. I feel like an impostor in my own life, trying to reclaim memories and moments that weeks or months ago were so clear and obvious but now have lost that glimmer of reality and truth of commentary. I hope to stay more on top of it so I can add more authenticity and actual thoughts instead of just summarily captioning pictures and travel-logging events. 
Here's an assorted gathering of "leftover" pictures that I want to remember in one way or another. 
These pictures remind me that...

Each of these pictures tells a little story:

Austin decided we should sing a primary song before bed each night // Natalie scratched her cornea! // Jack loves destroying blinds

Natalie periodically comes over just to "check in" and give me a hug and a kiss // Stockton periodically comes over to sit on Austin's lap and be …

At Home with the Boys

For the first month of preschool, it was just me and boys at home in the mornings. After a few days of feeling forlorn and lost without our Natsby, we settled into our new routine and found it quite delightful. I can't BELIEVE how much attention Natalie asks of me! I didn't really realize until she was gone for several hours each day but that girl loves being with me and talking to me and touching me and doing activities with me and doesn't ever really relent! So when she was busy at school, all of a sudden my life got much quieter and more relaxed without her little voice constantly asking me to do something or go somewhere or answer a question. Don't get me wrong - I love that about her - but it was definitely refreshing to have more attention to be able to focus on the boys.

After getting Natalie on the bus we usually stayed outside to do bubbles, ride bikes, explore the grass, and sometimes finish our breakfast. It was so easy to be outside and be calm without a l…