Friday, October 14, 2016

At Home with the Boys

For the first month of preschool, it was just me and boys at home in the mornings. After a few days of feeling forlorn and lost without our Natsby, we settled into our new routine and found it quite delightful. I can't BELIEVE how much attention Natalie asks of me! I didn't really realize until she was gone for several hours each day but that girl loves being with me and talking to me and touching me and doing activities with me and doesn't ever really relent! So when she was busy at school, all of a sudden my life got much quieter and more relaxed without her little voice constantly asking me to do something or go somewhere or answer a question. Don't get me wrong - I love that about her - but it was definitely refreshing to have more attention to be able to focus on the boys.

After getting Natalie on the bus we usually stayed outside to do bubbles, ride bikes, explore the grass, and sometimes finish our breakfast. It was so easy to be outside and be calm without a little Natalie in my ear insisting that we do this or that. I let the boys lead and was happy to follow.

One rainy morning (when Mimi was there) the boys found a delicious PUDDLE and spent the next long while splashing, experimenting with different items to throw in there, and stepping in and out with excitement. It never got old for them, and it was fun for me to experience it via their toddler minds.

alone with the boys after dropping Natalie off (in Eddy, ha)

I loved that time with them! Our schedule has since changed but I feel like we all got closer during those morning hours. Then Natalie got home each day and the energy picked up, all of us living life at her level again.

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