Tuesday, October 4, 2016

August and September: OVER

I struggle with this a lot, but I think life is about catching up - if we ever actually caught up, we wouldn't even know what to do! (At least that's what I tell myself.) Also, better late than never. And other various platitudes to make me feel better about my chaotic life. 

 I seem to be covered in children! Can we please stop and stare at Stockton's modeling? HA

 Both boys ended up on my swing at the park. It was actually really hard haha. 

August and September FLEW by. And now we are 4 days into October and I CAN'T KEEP UP. We've had nice weather so lots of outside time. I'm grateful for a fenced-in backyard still - life-changing. Stockton crawled under the fence last week though -_-

This was kind of a random experience but it really touched me for some reason so I took pictures to remember: I was reading at a park in Nebraska City alone while my friend visited her sick grandma, and I heard a squirrel come up behind me. He stopped when I turned around but STARED into my eyes. I felt like it was searching my soul! It was bizarre and intense and cool. I felt silly but I said, "Hi, dude" and did a little wave. He seemed to accept this and walked over to the warm sidewalk just a few yards away and turned around and around just like a dog would before settling down for a little rest. He looked over at me and I actually, weirdly, got kind of teary because I was having this wonderful experience of NATURE and I said "thanks, squirrel." and he had his nap and I read my book. It was entirely lovely and you'll just have to take my word for it because I know it sounds kind of dumb in words. I MISS BEING IN THE WILDERNESS. I've ALWAYS longed for the outdoors and been the adventuring type, but with the kids + lack of, well, anything, in Nebraska I haven't had the kind of rejuvenation that only comes from spending time in nature and I MISS IT. 

I can't remember if I posted this already but isn't this a great picture of
the Poulsen siblings/spouses?

scriptures and hocho by candlelight after paper route
after a kickboxing workout

 My mom gave Natalie this darling "woodsies" treehouse play set, and it is so cute and fun! We like to come up with little stories. The boys actually really like playing with it too.

millenium falcon waffle

 Natalie LOVED her Peppa Pig from Uncle Max

soaking her feet with Grandma

walking downtown by my old college haunts
-what a HAPPY time in my life to remember!

my dear friend Roma took me to get a
pedicure because "sometimes you just
need to be pampered!" isn't that so sweet!?

brunch potluck!
I have to brag about my ward for a minute: half the ward is young, married, college students who are starting their families and living "with thrift" (AKA POOR). Instead of being judgmental or gossipy or exclusive, these ladies are nothing but supportive, loving, helpful, kind, and just plain awesome. Everyone has the "we're in this together" attitude, no one cares what choices you make in raising your babies, we can do things differently but still feel so unified and happy. It is a JOY to be surrounded by these dear friends! Babysitting swaps, advice on particular problems, baking treats for each other, taking turns making dinner, getting together for movie or book or frozen yogurt nights...it's just the best. 

And that's our last few months!

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  1. I feel the same way: life keeps on going, whether I keep up with blog posts or not! And it's ok! All we can do is our best. Hugs.