Friday, October 14, 2016

Pictures that remind me that...

One of the things I hate about getting behind in anything, but particularly blogging, is that when I do get around to catching up it never feels as authentic. I feel like an impostor in my own life, trying to reclaim memories and moments that weeks or months ago were so clear and obvious but now have lost that glimmer of reality and truth of commentary. I hope to stay more on top of it so I can add more authenticity and actual thoughts instead of just summarily captioning pictures and travel-logging events. 

Here's an assorted gathering of "leftover" pictures that I want to remember in one way or another. 

These pictures remind me that...

being outside is always the right choice

I'm not alone at church

being downtown is invigorating
Each of these pictures tells a little story:

Austin decided we should sing a primary song before bed each night // Natalie scratched her cornea! // Jack loves destroying blinds

Natalie periodically comes over just to "check in" and give me a hug and a kiss // Stockton periodically comes over to sit on Austin's lap and be cozy // Natalie's self-portrait

These pictures reiterate the importance of:

splurging on dates once in a while // sharing good food with good people // keeping treats safe and hidden

letting the kids have the camera // proper skincare // actually trying those recipes that you always see on facebook once in a while

These pictures bring me joy in various ways:

a PopPop with his grandbabies // (k this picture isn't joyful haha but it is good to be needed?) // LOUD MUSIC WHEN THE KIDS AREN'T IN THE CAR IS MY JAMMMMM

Jack was properly upset at his mistake // a fun project // reorganizing Stockton's room

a happy, full, busy living room 

And these pictures remind me to take it slow: 

Letting Jack sleep on me instead of putting him down // watching The Holiday while uploading pictures // noticing unusual items at the grocery store (aren't those brussels sprouts stalks like green jingle bells?!)

the giant giant giant flag above the gas station on our way out of town
makes an excellent marker each time we pass 
Life is FAST and HAPPY. Goodnight.

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