Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Piano Guys

When I first met the Poulsens, I was soon introduced to "The Piano Guys," a cello/piano duo that covered popular songs and classical music in fun youtube videos. I thought they were all right but I wasn't like obsessed.

Now I'm obsessed. We went to their concert last month and I was blown away. I've seen many of their videos but not even close to all of them, and it was so fun to hear it all live with a clever combo of video/special effects. Turns out, Steven Sharp Nelson, the cellist, is my mom's cousin, like actual real-life not second-or-third-or removed COUSIN, grew up together, his uncle is my grandpa, the whole nine yards. Where have I been all these years?! Cousin Steven hooked my mom up with tickets since he couldn't come to dinner when they were in town, and so to the concert we went. I HIGHLY recommend going, if they ever come to your town. It was uplifting, silly, funny, and spiritual. I loved it!


One of my favorite parts was what they had to say about learning music today. They thanked teachers and parents for sticking with it and giving their children the gift of music lessons, and emphasized the importance and impact of classical music and how relevant it is today. Steven said, "It is easy to feel dark and scared when we look around the world today. But when I see a musical instrument in the hands of a child, I know it's going to be okay." Maybe you had to be there, but I thought the whole thing was very powerful, especially having had so much to do with music in my life (17 years of piano lessons and a college degree!).

Another special part was in describing their experience in Brazil when they traveled to the giant Christ statue as part of their goal to play at the 7 world wonders. Steven said, "We expected it to be this amazing, incredible, pinnacle-of-spirituality type experience and we wondered how we could top it. It was indeed incredible, but then we traveled inland to a stunning expanse of waterfalls in the rainforest and we played with nature all around us, and we couldn't help but notice that we felt a spiritual presence intensely more profound than at the statue. We puzzled and pondered over it for a while, and came to the only conclusion that we could find: the statue of Christ shows man's love for God, but this waterfall and the beautiful nature surrounding it show God's love for us." I thought that was very poignant.

our friend Michelle got to come too! (my brother's potential mother-in-law....!)

don't worry, i have since replaced these
AWFUL glasses
I know my description isn't doing it justice, but I was so impressed by their talent, personality, genuine love for all kinds of music and adventure, and overall presentation that I've been semi-obsessively listening to all their stuff over the past few weeks. My absolute favorite, hands-down, is this video. I think I may have listened to it 140 times, no joke. It makes me SO happy! The kids love it too - Stockton calls it "dance dance" because every time I turn it on (multiple times a day - no shame) we dance like fools all over the house with abandon and it is so fun and silly. I just can't get enough! One of my favorite songs mixed with Bach, one of my favorite composers, and harpsichord to boot? The best! I made Austin listen to it for the twentieth time and was explaining that there are snippets of different Bach pieces, and he goes, "Oh I know. I went through a brief phase at the office where I googled harpsichord music and only listened to that for like three weeks, so I recognize those tunes." I LOVE THIS MAN. Earlier this week he actually looked up how much it would cost to buy a harpsichord, and I think he was only 48% kidding.

Such a fun group! We had VIP access passes to meet the four piano guys after the concert. It was really fun having Makall and Suzy with us too! We're doing a peace sign because two of the piano guys went on Korean missions, and Michelle's daughter (Sam's intended) is in Korea on her mission right now, and almost every picture they take includes a peace sign. 

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