Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Zoo with the Poulsens

The Poulsens took us to Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha when Afton and Anthony were visiting and it was a great day. Everyone started in the (hot and crowded and slow-moving) Desert Dome and after 8 seconds I realized it was going to be a nightmare trying to keep Stockton in there with us so we left everyone to the sandy dunes and headed out to explore. I let him lead the way - he kept walking most of the time but occasionally I'd try to show him an animal. He found a tram and followed that for at least twenty minutes haha. (This zoo is ENORMOUS and, no kidding, the best zoo in the world. Pretty cool that it's our home zoo!)
He got distracted by the water ball for a good long time, which felt good on my tired legs! 
mad because I wouldn't let him climb into
the elephant enclosure

waterfall, water features, off-roading, stairs

When we pulled up to the zoo (on the last Saturday before school started) it was absolutely CRAWLING with cars and people and strollers and movement. I was tempted to turn around haha. It was overwhelming! Once we were inside it was a little better.
our sketchy parking job

cheetos saved us multiple times and the kids loved the aquarium 

Makalllllll. (Who has since moved to St. George. Sniff!)

Fun day. Thanks Po's!

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