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The Rantelope

“I hate the way that people always talk so loud. I also hate to be alone, or being in a crowd. I hate it how bananas have those yellow peels. I hate it when I get a cut, and I hate it when it heals.”
The Rantelope, you see, will hate on anything. When it comes to ranting, he’s the undisputed king. There is nothing in his life that satisfies at all. He even hates the way he looks and thinks that he’s too tall.
If you should chance to meet him, run the other way, Cuz if you don’t, then he will pounce, and you’ll be there all day. He’ll love to yell and rant at you until his face is blue, He’ll love to rave and diatribe (But he’ll prob’ly hate it too). 

Unsung Heroes

Have you ever done something awesome that benefits a ton of people, but nobody really notices or gives you credit? I hope not, because it's a pretty crummy feeling. But if you, like me, have felt that feeling, then I hereby dedicate this post to you.

Unsung Heroes:

1. Guy in Facebook Comments Section Who Summarizes an Article so You Don't Have to Read It.

One of the worst things about social media is that it's become more and more about number of page views. If a certain article generates a certain number of views, they get paid more in advertising dollars, which makes sense, I guess. But what I hate about it is the stupid 'clickbait' article titles you see everywhere. You know what I'm talking about: "You won't believe what Lebron James said about former teammate Chris Bosh!" Then you click on the article, hoping to hear some really juicy gossip that'll put a dent in Bosh's sterling reputation, but you find out that the only thing Lebron …