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Thanksgiving 2017

Finally, the Thanksgiving post! Only a month late : )

 I had just finished mixing the dough for the rolls and setting them to rise when I realized I forgot the sugar!!! It calls for 3/4 cup of sugar, which was too significant of an amount to try to go without, so I had to throw away the whole chub! 9 cups of flour : ( If it wasn't Thanksgiving, I would totally have tried to make the rolls work anyway, but when it's your responsibility to bring rolls for the feast of the year, you can't mess it up!

 round 2....they turned out so buttery and perfect, mmm my mouth is watering!

 To keep the kids occupied (Austin was playing football) I gave them their own "ingredients" to make a Thanksgiving masterpiece. They loved it! Play doh, fuzzy balls, wooden dowels galore.

Everyone was in town for Thanksgiving! It was the first time we've all been together for Thanksgiving (or any holiday, really) in a long time. And Grammy Bee came, too!

 Natalie got to have a sleepover w…

Les Mis, Dates, and Freak Outs

We saw Les Mis in Kansas City a couple weeks ago! It was (obviously) completely phenomenal and we were just absolutely entranced.

We had a sliiiiight hiccup right before we were leaving for the 3-hour drive to KC...Max realized that my ticket (which he had purchased separately for my birthday) was for Saturday night, but his and my mom's tickets were for the following Sunday night! We all stared in horror at each other and then scrambled to rectify the mom called the box office, who were unhelpful and brief, so Max contacted TicketMaster, who put him on hold for half an hour. During that half hour, we rehearsed a script and I took a turn calling the box office, which again was extremely unhelpful and unforgiving. Eventually Max got hold of a real person and, with great shouts of joy and relief, they worked it out to change their tickets to that night so we could all go together. Phew!

everywhere was PACKED for dinner, we couldn't get any reservations, so we wal…