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Mommy Skillz

Jessie has had less than zero time to blog lately, so I got on here to brag a little bit in her behalf. There have been a couple of things lately that I've just been like, "Wow, that is a great mom win, and I think somebody should document it." So now I'm documenting it.

Mom Win #1:

Stockton has been potty-training for the past couple of weeks, and it's actually going really well! The people at ACT Clinic (where he does therapy) have been helping us out, and Stockton's little sphincter muscles are getting stronger by the day! Anyways, the specific event that I would like to highlight is this: Jessie was driving Stockton and Jack home from Omaha when Stockton made it clear that he needed to go potty. As a dad, I would have been like, "Well, hold it or pee your pants, I guess." Jessie, on the other hand, pulled over, grabbed the training potty out of the trunk, put it on the front passenger's seat, got Stockton out of his carseat, and HAD HIM PEE …