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I'm back!!!There are probably two people who even realized I haven't been blogging lately but I certainly knew and I've missed it. It was too much to deal with while we were doing the paper route so I gave it up, saying I'd start again once we were done delivering papers. Aaaand... WE'RE DONE!!!! More on that later - for right now I'm just happy to have more time and energy to blog (and do everything else I've been unable to do) and I wanted to say HI.Another reason I wasn't blogging was because my phone broke and I used a barely passable replacement for the past few months, meaning I wasn't taking pictures. Now I am again equipped with a functional phone/camera and I am enjoying that freedom as well. (One nice thing at least about living with a terrible phone for so long was I got un-addicted to checking it constantly.)Smalls is asleep in the carseat and I was listening to my audiobook (Eye of the World) but it occurred to me that with said functio…


I thought about calling this blog "Seize the Day" or something similar but it felt a little too soon for jollity...Austin had another seizure this week. It's been a few months shy of two years since the last one. I want to share our experience this time though because we saw miracle upon miracle and I don't want to forget.Austin called me right when he got off work to ask if I could come pick him up because he felt dizzy and weird. He said he was looking at his schedule and couldn't remember any of the patients he saw and that he was worried he was going to have a seizure.Miracle #1: he was aware enough to identify the danger signs andMiracle #2: he didn't shove it off thinking "it's fine, I live close and it's not a big deal." The fact that he called me is huge.Miracle #3: five minutes before Austin called me my dad had sent a text saying he was on his way over. I didn't have to load all the kids up to go get Austin, and actually I coul…