Thursday, February 2, 2017


I'm back!!!

There are probably two people who even realized I haven't been blogging lately but I certainly knew and I've missed it. It was too much to deal with while we were doing the paper route so I gave it up, saying I'd start again once we were done delivering papers. Aaaand... WE'RE DONE!!!! More on that later - for right now I'm just happy to have more time and energy to blog (and do everything else I've been unable to do) and I wanted to say HI.

Another reason I wasn't blogging was because my phone broke and I used a barely passable replacement for the past few months, meaning I wasn't taking pictures. Now I am again equipped with a functional phone/camera and I am enjoying that freedom as well. (One nice thing at least about living with a terrible phone for so long was I got un-addicted to checking it constantly.)

Smalls is asleep in the carseat and I was listening to my audiobook (Eye of the World) but it occurred to me that with said functional phone I could actually blog on the go, so here I am.

Life has changed a lot these few months, and I anticipate even more changes in the coming months. (No, that is not a veiled pregnancy announcement.) Through it all I've been keenly aware of the Lord's hand in my life. We have been abundantly blessed and are always taken care of, and for that I am extremely grateful.

There is so much I could/need/want to say/explain/remember but for now I will keep it at that. And make a list of things to blog about soon.

Paper route
Car trouble
Potty training
ACT clinic
Jack's words
My dad
Taking for granted
Original BOM
Princess nature girls

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  1. Hello! I have missed you!! I was just talking with Lauren today and we both were hoping you are doing well. Life just keeps on swirling along, doesn't it? I feel it. I have been doing blog posts, but I swear I always have a list about as long as yours of things to ponder and write about, and not enough time/brainpower for it. I'm glad you have a working phone again. These smartphones are useful little devils, aren't they? Do you still have the same phone number as before? Text me so I have it if it's different! We are making our yearly trek out to MO in March and we'd love to see you sometime along the way there or back if you have a spare moment! :) :) I loved seeing you and your sweet family last year and it feels like such a treat to meet and talk in person since we've only been able to do that like twice ever.