Thursday, February 2, 2017


I thought about calling this blog "Seize the Day" or something similar but it felt a little too soon for jollity...

Austin had another seizure this week. It's been a few months shy of two years since the last one. I want to share our experience this time though because we saw miracle upon miracle and I don't want to forget.

Austin called me right when he got off work to ask if I could come pick him up because he felt dizzy and weird. He said he was looking at his schedule and couldn't remember any of the patients he saw and that he was worried he was going to have a seizure.

Miracle #1: he was aware enough to identify the danger signs and

Miracle #2: he didn't shove it off thinking "it's fine, I live close and it's not a big deal." The fact that he called me is huge.

Miracle #3: five minutes before Austin called me my dad had sent a text saying he was on his way over. I didn't have to load all the kids up to go get Austin, and actually I couldn't have anyway because I was babysitting a fourth child so she wouldn't even have fit in my car. I just waited for my dad to get there and then I left.

The plot thickens: I had planned on visiting a new sister with Alissa, the bishop's wife, that night as soon as Austin got home from work. Obviously I needed to be with Austin instead of doing the visit but I had already made dinner for this person so I didn't want it to go to waste.

Miracle #4: Alissa happens to live right by Austin's work, so it was simple to just drop off the dinner and have Alissa take it over.

Miracle #5: Austin was able to have a priesthood blessing from the Bishop while we sat in the car in the driveway. This was a huge comfort to me.

I had two important meetings later that night that I couldn't miss (for an upcoming funeral... You can't exactly reschedule that) but I was worried about Austin of course so I called his parents to see if they could keep an eye on him while my dad helped with the kids and I went to the church. Austin started having a seizure right after that and I hung up and pulled over.

Miracle #6: Austin's parents dropped what they were doing in Omaha and came to my house in record time.

Miracle #7: the seizure was much less intense and aggressive than the previous three, two of which I've seen. I know this is directly related to the priesthood blessing. It was still scary and horrible, but we were in a controlled situation and everyone was safe. I was even right by the hospital in case I had to go there.

I called my dad to let him know we wouldn't be home for a little longer and he assured me everything was under control and I didn't need to worry, and then I called the doctor to see what to do from there. (He actually seemed like a huge jerk but that's unrelated.) I waited till Austin wasn't as disoriented and then I drove home, and we went inside when he felt strong enough. I got him into bed and he fell fast asleep.

Miracle #8: I called our paper route manager and he said we just needed to do one more day and then we could be done. This is actually a longer story with more miracles, to come later, but this was such a huge relief.

Austin's parents got there and we all talked for a while, everyone offering to help and make sure we were okay. I left for my meetings knowing all was taken care of at home.

Miracle #9: Stockton and Jack were asleep when I got home, having no trouble going to bed while I was gone.

Austin is fine, just sore and fatigued, and we are so grateful that everything worked out so incredibly. We have prayed so often for the past few years that if Austin had to have another seizure that at least he would be safe and protected, and we saw all those prayers answered all at once. I'm so humbled to see how the Lord watched over us in this situation and all others.

One result from this is that Austin can't drive for three months. That's a challenge with all the directions we are going in every day, but we've seen miracles in the offers of friends and family to help us make it work, especially to keep Natalie in preschool. We are surrounded by love and support and even though it is hard asking for so much help, we know that it is good for us to be so reliant.

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