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Poulsen Bowling

Another blog written the same day as the event!? Is this what real blogging feels like?!

Today we went bowling with the Poulsens. I thought it was going to be a blast and that the kids would love it.


Natalie sulked because we didn't give her money to play the arcade games.

Stockton flopped on the ground in tears each time we stopped him from running out onto the lanes. (If we didn't keep a firm hand on his shirt or just pick him up, he raced straight in front of other bowlers and tried to escape past the "foul line." Austin and I were so hot and sweaty from all that high-maintenance wrangling.)

Jack did better than Stockton but still didn't understand why he couldn't always be right up by the lanes, and we had to hold him a good deal of the time too.


So, it wasn't the super positive experience I was going for, but eventually we got the kids calmed down and showed them the "bowling slide" and they did end up having a good time with …

(my) Family Pictures

Aaron's homecoming attracted all Poulsen siblings from across the land to gather together for a supreme family celebration. The house is FULL of family and it is perfect. All our cars take up practically the whole street haha, and dinner is a pretty impressive affair. Since everyone was able to come we decided to take the opportunity to take family pictures. The last time (other than Kenzie's wedding) that we took an official family pic was August 2012, three days after Natalie was born (still not happy about it....having to pose for pictures THREE DAYS after giving birth in the hot hot hot humid stupid Nebraska summer? I cringe every time I see that picture haha.) Now we have four grandchildren and three spouses so we've grown! We were given the color palette (darker blues, burgundy, and mustard yellow) and traipsed out to Pioneers Park on a potentially rainy Thursday night. Luckily, the rain held and we took our pictures in great overcast light and although it was chilly…