Thursday, April 27, 2017

Aaron is HOME!

(Makae's hair, killing it)  Aaron's HOME!

Aaron, Austin's younger brother, got home from serving a 2-year church mission in Fresno, CA! It was so fun to see him come casually, in typical Aaron-style, walking down the airport corridor and everyone is super happy to have him back. Jack and Ashlee were born while he was gone, so it's been fun for them to meet, and Aaron hadn't met Kenzie's husband Kevin either, so there were some necessary introductions. We've missed his goofy, sincere presence!

making signs

dinner for 13! 

 I declared myself the official documenter of Poulsen gatherings since we have like no pictures of what we do when we get together! It is SO FUN to just be able to hang out together. I love watching the uncle/aunt interactions with our kids and seeing them flit from one person to the next. These pictures are all from dinner time the night Aaron came home.

Great-Grandpa even made the trip!

Ashlee's sign said "I've waited my whole life to meet you!" and Natalie drew Aaron a cardinal, for some reason. 
We gathered at the cute, trusty little Lincoln Airport for Aaron's 10:26pm flight arrival. (We left the boys at home in bed with Pop-Pop on the would have been a disaster to try to drag them to somewhere that late and make them wait...they got to see Aaron today instead haha.) Family from Nevada, Utah, and Nebraska. All 6 siblings with accompanying spouses! SO fun to be all together.

 Aaron gave everyone hugs in turn and when he got to Austin he did a double-take and said, "Woah! You've lost weight!"

 Could my niece be ANY cuter!?!? I am LOVING my aunt privileges! I hope we get to see sweet Ashlee and future nieces and nephews frequently because being an aunt is the BEST. Also, Stockton LOVES her. He calls her "baby ashwee" and it is heart-melting.

Ahh. Happy family : )

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