Monday, April 10, 2017

Fall Potpourri

My mom and I watch Jeopardy! a lot when I'm at her house in the mornings and sometimes the category is "Potpourri," which I think is amusing. Here is my own version of Picture Potpourri from fall 2016:

this is definitely not fall 2016 (try August 2011) but I found this picture
and I loved it so much I have to preserve it here - Ananda feeding
me Diet Coke while getting my wedding nails done
(long live Padfoot and Prongs!)

watching a controlled house fire

 Jack's favorite position at home


 cozy movie night (we moved the TV into Stockton's room - I love having it out of the living room and we just unplug it at night so he can't turn it on)

bad glasses...I was so happy to get new ones!

sometimes the boys fall asleep without us putting them down...
it is always sweet to find them cozy and resting!


enjoying the sunshine (and rain)

beautiful fall weather = let's go outsiiiiide!

Frequent trips to Target and Hy-Vee (or "Wheels," as the boys call it)

And sunny afternoons with Natalie the Bumblebee and Grandma : )

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