Monday, April 24, 2017


Leftovers from February....

 Happy Valentine's Day! (our fifth together)
 We helped put together a funeral and luncheon for a dear family in our ward...I wanted to remember what the gym looked like under Denise's able hand. And also HOW MANY PEOPLE stepped in to help. It was a miracle. We had 30 crockpots of soup, a table overflowing with salad and rolls and dessert, and people asking what they could do to help left and right in the weeks leading up to the funeral. Christlike service IN ACTION. One of the best parts of this calling is being able to see all of the behind-the-scenes details in situations like this. It's overwhelming how good and loving people are.

 Austin's coworker brought the kids giant swirly suckers and they mostly held them in awe, like a dog who finally caught the squirrel but now doesn't know what to do haha.

 Stockton loves looking at himself in the camera. It's pretty cute watching him make faces.

"remember when I told you not to throw the
popcorn tin down the stairs?..."


Natalie got to go to a movie night with
her friends and she was THRILLED

 the boys looking pensive in the morning

blankie on the loose! and Natalie with ripped pants at Target hahahahahahahaha. She was showing everyone.

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