Monday, April 24, 2017

Jack is TWO!

I made the mistake of going through the pictures of when Jack was born and the few days afterwards and I've felt nostalgic all day...I can't believe he was ever that small! Or that Natalie and Stockton were so teeny two years ago! Or that it's been two years and we haven't had another baby! Or that his blankie was ever so fluffy and pristine!

I woke up today knowing that our "baby" was turning two. Two years old! He definitely feels two - using lots of words, trying out his independence, growing out of 18month clothes, solidifying his interests and opinions. Two feels so much older than One.

He is so excited about life. He LOVES going outside, LOVES eating fruits and vegetables, LOVES Peppa Pig and Moana and Monsters, LOVES his family, and LOVES drawing. There aren't a whole lot of things that he dislikes, except maybe being babysat, taken inside after playing outside, and not being picked up by me when I am busy doing something else.

 Afton and Anthony and ASHLEE are in town and I am LOVING my niece time! The boys...not so much haha. They saw me holding her and were confused and then irritated.

His little baby Smalls voice is the cutest. Everything he says is animated - more and more words are becoming intelligible but he still babbles with intensity and purpose a lot of the time and we all love it. The way he says Stockton is so darling: "Stah-nn." He loves his siblings - he gets SO excited when I tell him it's time to go pick Stockton up from ACT clinic - he drops what he's doing and runs to the door!

We celebrated his birthday today at Lost in Fun, which was fun, as always.

 (I told the fam to send me their pictures since I didn't take any and only Makae responded sooooo here's her and Natalie haha.)

He sleeps well, eats average, and is relatively independent when he plays. Actually very independent...he's like Natalie though: he can play by himself, but he prefers when I'm involved. Our walls have suffered under his artistic hand (did you know Magic Erasers come in 8-packs?) and sometimes I have to go into his room and remove some of the animals out of his crib because he sleeps with so many I'm worried he'll be smothered.

 I love that Stockton was right by his side the whole time (and "helped" blow out the candles haha)

He's still pretty petite, which I love.

He still prefers me to anyone, which I love. (Unless I'm unavailable, and then it's frustrating.)

He loves Elmo and basketball and jumping and climbing and cozy time and his grandparents and WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

Here's to year THREE with our Smalls!

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