Monday, April 24, 2017


 Muffins on the porch <3

Stockty swinging in the sun

Natalie's caterpillar


my kiwi loves me!
 What? Where did March go?!

 Hahaha these pictures crack me up. I love our love for each other : )

I really like this

"quiet time"

cozies in the basement

this was my display for a RS activity made me happy

playing with the dollhouse

 brothers : )

 pre-easter with swimsuits

NOT happy with the haircut

 watching my dad's band "Ground Zero" at a local bar...met new friends and played darts

 Subbing for the paper route...a drunk man stopped me in the middle of the road and asked me to call the police to take him to detox and then we talked for a little bit and I gave him a Book of Mormon. Interesting things happen at 4 in the morning.

Jack's love for stuffed animals endures

cozy times watching movies at Mimi's
target nap

 shaving cream! Stockton wanted NOTHING to do with it haha

Natalie brought me this picture and said with pride, "Mom! Does this look the same?" I about died. Funniest thing ever.

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  1. That is cutest prince charming I've ever seen, even if his beard is a little green! And I remember reading and loving that exact same paragraph in the Gordon B. Hinckley book. Such wise parenting advice.