Thursday, April 27, 2017

(my) Family Pictures

Aaron's homecoming attracted all Poulsen siblings from across the land to gather together for a supreme family celebration. The house is FULL of family and it is perfect. All our cars take up practically the whole street haha, and dinner is a pretty impressive affair. Since everyone was able to come we decided to take the opportunity to take family pictures. The last time (other than Kenzie's wedding) that we took an official family pic was August 2012, three days after Natalie was born (still not happy about it....having to pose for pictures THREE DAYS after giving birth in the hot hot hot humid stupid Nebraska summer? I cringe every time I see that picture haha.) Now we have four grandchildren and three spouses so we've grown! We were given the color palette (darker blues, burgundy, and mustard yellow) and traipsed out to Pioneers Park on a potentially rainy Thursday night. Luckily, the rain held and we took our pictures in great overcast light and although it was chilly it wasn't hot, so I can't complain.

 walking to the perfect spot....aren't we a cute bunch?!

Stockton was really mad because he saw the playground and then we walked the other way to the picture spot, so I am not sure we even got a decent family picture, but he settled down once Grandpa took him over to the dandelion clearing and showed him how to blow all the fuzzies into the air. Stockton was giggling and jumping and it was so sweet and Grandpa-y.

I think this picture is magical...grandsons looking up to their grandpa

Jack blowing so hard!

 Aren't these pictures so sweet? Poor Natsby got dandelion fuzz on her tongue at the end, haha. Stockton is practically levitating.

 The next few are from Makall.....

 Look at my dainty daisy Natsby : )  (and I know there were fourteen pictures of Jack but his puffed out cheeks are just too cute!)


awwww : ) 

 dang it. I wish I had a better one of these.

racing to play with Makally

haha we have a better version of this shot but I love Stockty in the background

 Don't I have the cutest sisters-in-law?! I love them : ) (Afton, we didn't get a picture together!!!)

 Ashlee has only known Aaron for less than a day but she LOVES him and always gravitates towards him, which is super cute.

can you see the teeny heads of Grandpa, Natalie, and Stockton wayyy down by the water just left of center?

Then pictures were done and the kids finally got to go to the park. They ran the whole way there. I made them hold hands across the street and it may have been the cutest picture all night.


I thought it was funny to see so many adults at the park

Jack needed some sand time

 And the guys (and girls, actually) got out some energy by doing monkey bar stunts. Austin looked awesome in his tucked in polo.

Can't wait to see the final result of the professional family pictures! Poulsens, unite!

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