Monday, April 24, 2017

Pioneers Park

When Sam comes to Lincoln we do one of three things:

-penne rosa
-Pioneers Park

This time we chose PP and brought a picnic and played baseball. It was wayyy colder than we expected but I think it actually worked to our advantage because the kids stayed close so they could be warm in blankets.

the big boys ran ahead to drop off the picnic stuff and
get straight to playing catch

(Stockty's arms behind his back!)

 The little boys and I took a walk to get out some initial energy and explore the park. It was fantastic. I love when they roam but also stay close enough to me that it's not stressful.

 Natalie was frigid haha. But everyone loved their sandwiches! (Thanks Haybs!)

 Stockton was a little cold but mostly just loves this purple blanket


 The little boys (and Natalie) ran out to play with the big boys and it was SO FUNNY to watch them all try to maneuver around each other. The kids would chase Sam and Austin to get a turn to "throw" the ball and then they would race to go fetch the ball and ultimately it was a lot of confused running back and forth that was quite amusing to watch from afar.

 Then the big boys climbed trees and everyone was thoroughly impressed and wanted to try.

Heading back to the car. Thanks, Pioneers Park! You're always a winner!
(a real smile from Stockton captured on camera!?!?! bonus!)

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