Friday, April 28, 2017

Poulsen Bowling

Another blog written the same day as the event!? Is this what real blogging feels like?!

Today we went bowling with the Poulsens. I thought it was going to be a blast and that the kids would love it.


Natalie sulked because we didn't give her money to play the arcade games.

Stockton flopped on the ground in tears each time we stopped him from running out onto the lanes. (If we didn't keep a firm hand on his shirt or just pick him up, he raced straight in front of other bowlers and tried to escape past the "foul line." Austin and I were so hot and sweaty from all that high-maintenance wrangling.)

Jack did better than Stockton but still didn't understand why he couldn't always be right up by the lanes, and we had to hold him a good deal of the time too.


So, it wasn't the super positive experience I was going for, but eventually we got the kids calmed down and showed them the "bowling slide" and they did end up having a good time with that. I left early with them so that Austin could enjoy the second game kid-free, but they ended up finishing sooner than I thought so we only beat them home by a few minutes. (We stopped to get chicken nuggets and ice cream cones on the way.)

 playing playing playing - and keeping Stockton from escaping out the front door (his FAVORITE thing to do at Grandma's house. Luckily now he opens the door, lets it shut, jumps a little with flapping hands, and then comes back inside to then repeat the whole process haha. At least he usually doesn't leave the doorway.)

 Stockton's little green undie bum hanging out with Anthony ("Anfony" haha) - they are pals

Jack got his finger squished in the door so we had
lots of sweet cozies

super dad/uncle
Then we all helped in various ways to get dinner was an important night, because Suzy was making her famous barbecue chicken pizza. This meal is legendary at the Poulsen house, and even though we made soooo much it was all completely dusted in like 7 minutes. People were even assembling the ingredients on tortillas after we ran out of crust because they still wanted more. It was awesome and delicious and another happy family meal.

Then, because all the out-of-towners will be back out-of-town by Monday night (the standard FHE night), we had family home evening tonight instead. It was special to sit together in the living room and have our family patriarch lead us in a Gospel discussion. Austin's dad is a religion teacher by profession, and I've always loved being taught by him. We talked about having a "righteous character." I love our family and I love this Gospel!

(I found the very famous SNOW LEOPARDS!!! I think I got these for Christmas my freshman year of college and for some reason they were instantly accepted and coveted with my roommates and friends. I couldn't find them (the snow leops) this winter so I was really sad, but then when I went to grab a fallen sock in the laundry room tonight there they were!!! I walked around like this for an hour before I finally took them off.)

Now I'm home in bed after folding laundry and getting ready for tomorrow's adventure (Bataan Death March...stay tuned!). I put P and P on in the background (of course) and lit a candle, and it's been a pleasant, productive evening. I even painted my nails! Austin is watching the Jazz game with his dad and brothers, which has always been one of their favorite activities and which hasn't happened probably since his older brother graduated high school. I hope they win!!

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