Friday, April 14, 2017


What a fun day. Love, flowers, lace, curls. Everything went so smoothly, everyone was happy (except Sam, after the 914th picture), and it was so exciting to look forward to the rest of their lives together.

These aren't professional pictures, just a compilation of all the pictures we took on phones that day, but I hope it captures some of the feeling of that day!

Natalie was mad about her shoes. They had two flowers at the top and they "squished up in the middle" and she was extremely bothered. I could hardly get her to smile at first and she made us late to the temple because she was crying and going super slow so I had to carry her across Temple Square haha.

 I tried to get some good pictures with (Great!) Grammy Bee but she was still sort of whiny about it...

 This was while we were waiting for the newlyweds to come out of the temple.

Natalie got tired of waiting and decided to pout by herself.

My Uncle John came over and started talking to her and got her to really smile for the first time since we got to the temple. It was a very sweet moment. They were pals for the rest of the evening!

Then we got to see the bride and groom!

 Aren't they beautiful!? That's Hayden's dad in the background grinning.

Sam! Married!

Then, PICS. I can't wait to see the professional shots, but here are some of my favorite from our phones:

cousin Spencer

 How did I not get one with my parents!?
Also, side note: the photographer thought Max was dating Annie, hahahaha.

Youngest bro married first! We missed having Jack there..we should photoshop him in

Natalie in the background, lol
Aunt Jill!
Natalie had fun playing on the steps while she was waiting for further photographic directions. There are some really sweet pictures that I know my friend took on her nice camera so stay tuned for those...

 Two of my cousins (I can't wait for Natalie to have more cousins!)

I adore this picture!

It was a little sad not having our *entire* family there for the family pictures, but we were grateful for those who were there and remembered those who weren't. (Jack was working, Austin/Stockty/Smalls stayed home.)

 HIIII, family!!! Nebraska, Utah, and California representing
...dare I say: we look dashing!

 Haha, the picture on the bottom left pretty much sums up our relationship.

Then it was reception time. We walked right over to the Joseph Smith Building and had a nice, relaxed gathering. They served dinner, John provided his standard (incredible) jazz piano in the background, and Max hooked me up with a diet coke from who knows where. Thanks, bro.

at the end, John played songs that Natalie could dance to.
New best friends.

Sam sang Hayden a surprise song, which was cute

Max is just above center in this picture - we
were bummed we didn't get to sit together
but we had to make sure we spread ourselves
between the different families (me with Sanders
and Max with CA fam)

They sang "All I Ask of You", which
was very sweet

Reception MVP goes to.....DIET COKE. (and Max)
It was a grand day - I'm so happy I got to be there to celebrate them! We love you, Sam and Haybs!

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