Tuesday, April 11, 2017


(Think end of HP5, Dumbledore talking about Voldemort: ".....HE'S BACK!")


I'm so happy to be BACK in the blog world, for real this time!

It's been a gnarly year.

Paper route.

Relief Society.


Broken phone.

Broken computer.

No sleep.



But we have a new computer (hello, Hank!), I've figured out my new phone, I got the right cord to EASILY IMPORT ALL MY PICTURES (thank you thank you thank you powers above for helping me FINALLY get with the cool kids and figure this out), and my life has (sort of) settled down enough to allow me to blog consistently.

My house is a mess but there is chili in the crock pot, Jack is napping, Natalie is playing with stickers, and Stockton is yelling into the vacuum hose contentedly so here I am, blogging in the middle of the day, just as pleasantly surprised as you are.

Where to start!? I just imported 593 pictures from my phone for February, March and the first week of April. That's a little overwhelming! Soooo maybe let's just do a family overview:

27, Love of my life, husband and father extraordinaire, graduating with his Bachelor's degree in May, starting Audiology doctorate at UNL in the fall, primary teacher, best Hearing Instrument Specialist, lost over 60 pounds by his own sheer willpower, bowling champion (with trophy to prove it), and still reading more than anyone I've ever met.

26, Relief Society President (15 months!), loving Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaning products, server at Tico's on Friday nights, wakes up every day still relieved that we're done with the paper route, trying to keep the house under some semblance of control, grateful for good ward friends, lost 20 pounds with Whole30 but lacking motivation to start again.

4. loves preschool (understatement), developed her own style of layering clothes (shorts on top of pants, etc), watches youtube toy videos for quiet time, social butterfly, says "grankful" during prayers as a mix of "thankful" and "grateful," loves being cozy with Mama, watches Pok√©mon with Daddy, so smart and curious and in charge of her life.

3, goes to ACT clinic (autism care for toddlers) in Omaha four mornings a week, potty trained, loves opening/closing doors, listens to "Shine Your Way" at least 12 times a day, says sweet little Stockty prayers, uses multiple-word phrases and can label almost anything now, loves being cozy with his purple blankie in the car, hates haircuts.

23 months!, gives his siblings huge hugs whenever he hasn't seen them in a while, babbles in a distinctly adorable Jack-way, loves going to Mimi's House in the mornings while Stockton is at ACT clinic, randomly started calling his bink a "binner," sleeps with at least 3 stuffed animals, enthusiastic and energetic, learning more words each day.

This family of mine, I tell ya. They're the best. Dishes don't get done, laundry stays unfolded until I need the laundry basket, we spend a lot of time outside, in the car, at the store, doing church and school things, seeing friends, making dinner, jumping on the couch, watching Moana for the 43rd time, coloring on the walls (I'm looking at you, Smalls)....life is full and imperfect and OURS. I'm happy to be BACK!


  1. Poulsen Perfection. Love to you all!

  2. I love you guys so much! I am SO glad you're back at blogging!!

  3. Beep Moana. Jessie you are a fab writer!!