Friday, April 14, 2017

Wedding: Behind the Scenes

I think the best part of this wedding weekend was all the time I got to spend with my siblings, especially Max. Everyone is so busy and we're all doing different things in our lives so it really was a blast catching up (read: making fun of each other.)

 Aren't we cute, Sam and I?!

The drive to/from 'tah was smooth and easy - Natalie was a rock star in the car (thank you, Moana) and the trip went fast both ways. On the way home we were eating breakfast at McDonald's and Annie made a comment about how my hat was on funky so I told Max his hair was sticking up in the back and he told Annie that her fake eyelashes were falling off. Family love, right there.

 Dad with Pinky Pie // Annie driving too fast (I texted this picture to Max en route haha)

emo max
It was a whirlwind trip. We left Nebraska on Thursday morning, had the bridal shower that night, Friday was the wedding, Saturday was General Conference, and then we drove home on Sunday. We packed so much into two days! The first night Max, Sam and I each took a couch in Grammy Bee's formal living room (where we weren't allowed as kids - I think we all still relish being able to sit on the white couches and not get in trouble haha) and talked, laughed, and looked up memes together for hours. Max made us watch a scene from Game of Thrones (which we mocked him for), and I really don't remember anything else we talked about except it was so fun and needful for us to spend time as siblings that way. And Max played with his hair so much it was a greasy mess. And we kept taking my mom away from Gbee because we wanted her to hang out with us lol. was embarrassing to be out in public with these two

on the way home I was the one driving when we
got to Cheyenne so I made everyone go to my old
elementary school. Bucket list item, check!

 At McDonald's, part two!

Other super fun parts of the trip:

General Conference!

 This was my first time ever actually GOING and it was awesome! It was extra fun to have Makall go with me. And that morning we watched the first session at Makenzie and Kevin's house. Natalie got to stay with them for the afternoon session and then we all met back up at Gbee's.

conference lounging

We even ran into Elder Bundy, a missionary from my ward!

 Natalie took pictures haha....sorry Kev : )


Saturday night my aunt and I snuck away to dinner by ourselves. We went through 6 glasses of Diet Coke, shared a pizza and wrap, and had the best time chatting and just being together. Laura is awesome.

GRAMMY BEE gave me a folder with pictures, letters, and other things she has saved for the past 6 years. It was fun to go through the pics!

on the rock that we played on all growing up 


We had to give up our traditional reunion at Café Rio because the only time we could hang out was Friday morning, so we got breakfast with the kids instead. It was fabulous. Jocelyn is a kindred spirit and so fun and silly and we're on the same page and I always make it a priority to get together when I'm in Utah.

ugh, how did we not get a picture together? next time!


We definitely don't get to see my dad's side of the family enough, so when we do get together it's a great time. George and Jill and Grandma met us for lunch before the wedding and it was nice to just sit and laugh and reconnect. Love them! (Also, Little America in SLC is LIT).

 Every meal was a social event since we had so little time to see everyone - what a fun weekend. Now Max needs to get married so we can do it all again!

 Oh, and this randomly posed picture from the shower:

...isn't Hayden a babe!? So glad we don't have a weird sister-in-law...well done, Sam! ;)

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