Monday, April 24, 2017

Windy Park Day

The weather is warming up and we are taking advantage by visiting lots of parks. When they want to go they all ask in different ways...

Natalie requests a specific park and explains why we should go to that one

Stockton says "go down the slide? go down the slide."

and Jack says with soul-searching huge brown eyes, "PaaarrrK? PaaarrrK?" which is basically impossible to say no to.


Jack rolling down the hill (or trying to)

I love when they can explore freely. I've been brainstorming more places I can take them in Lincoln where they can be outside without restrictions but also stay safe and within my eyesight (and running distance). Tall order with three children who like to roam!

He always gets stuck right there haha.

various "peeks!"

I decided I needed more pictures with me and my children so here's an overload :)

Parks are happy. Thanks Lincoln Parks and Rec for having so many great park options in our neighborhoods!

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