Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ahhh, Tuesdays

I breathe a deep and refreshing sigh of relief every Tuesday. It's the one weekday that I don't have to go to Omaha and instead I get to relax at home, not rush to get the boys ready, sometimes schedule play dates or do errands OR, plan nothing and enjoy not having anywhere to be. I get caught up on housework, have a lot more play time with my boys because I'm not burnt out from racing around and driving all morning, and am generally in a better mood. I used to get bored and feel useless staying at home every day, but now because it isn't the norm I relish it!

Here's how today went:

Austin and I cooked a delicious hashbrowns, fried eggs, and fruit salad breakfast because the boys and I didn't have to get ready right away.

waiting for the bus

Austin left for work, Natalie left for school, and the boys and I went to Hy-Vee. They got donuts, I got groceries, and then we came home to finish getting ready. After showering, we went to the Birdsalls to play with Renetta and Mabel. We spent the whole time outside jumping on the trampoline or drawing with chalk, basically. Renetta went through baby clothes since her baby is due this week (!!!!!) so I got to see the adorable teeny tiny onesies and get all baby hungry again. (Have I mentioned here already that there are over 10 pregnant women in my ward!? Crazy!)

We left Renetta's when she left for an appointment, and the boys and I went to the $3 car wash place with free vacuums to clean out and wash the car. It is so fresh and happy! Then we went to pick Natalie up from school (I love picking her up - she usually rides the bus home but it's fun for me to see her in her element at school). Then we went BACK to Hy-Vee for lunch supplies - Austin texted me longingly for a "rotiss" (rotisserie chicken) so we surprised him by getting him one. I got tomato soup and the kids shared a slice of pizza.

Then we came home, the kids had popsicles, Austin came home for lunch, we put Jack down for a nap, Austin went back to work, and the kids and I played a new game called "blockton." I traced block shapes onto paper and they had to match the shapes. It was fun but they lost interest pretty fast. One of the best parts of Tuesdays is Jack's nap because he actually gets to have a multiple-hour in-the-crib NAP instead of awkward car sleeps. He's happy to be so comfortable, I'm happy because it actually feels like I get a break with one child out of the picture for a couple hours, and it just works out well for everyone.

Julia wearing Natalie's old swimsuit

Natalie really wanted me to take this picture (also Austin mowed the lawn this evening, thank goodness haha)

his feet were hot

Julia came over to play and when Jack woke up we went outside to play with water. It's been hot lately so after about 40 minutes we came back inside to cool off and get dinner ready. (VINEGAR PORK, YEAH!!) The kids had suckers and I diced potatoes and Austin got home and Erika came to pick up Julia and my dad came over (he's spending the night since Austin and I are subbing for the paper route early tomorrow morning) and we had dinner and then we lounged around watching the thunderstorm roll in (helloooo, Nebraska summer!).

I hadn't seen Jack and Julia in a while and this is where I found them
I love Tuesdays.

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