Saturday, May 6, 2017


Last night Natalie, Makae and I went camping! Some women from church organized it as a "mother/daughter campout" and we decided we should go. It was a good thing we brought two tents: the one on the left didn't have the rain cover so we would have been exposed to the elements AND had zero privacy! It was quite convenient as a dumping ground for all our random stuff though.

 Natalie felt really strongly about this being her camping outfit. She was proud. After we set up the tent(s) we decided to explore a little bit. We found a couple of these creepy silky worm clusters in branches along the way - Natalie called them "spider tents" lol.

 Doesn't she look so old?! I think she grew an inch overnight and got more mature, too. Her Dory hat was killing it!

 We found a giant dead fish on this path that Natalie was fascinated with. She said it was her favorite part of the trip. (Ew.)

 We found a dock that Natalie was insistent upon calling a "canoe" haha. 

balancing all the way back to the campsite
Then Natalie wanted to get her jammies on and sit at the campfire. She roasted approximately 5 marshmallows, none of which she planned on eating, silly girl. Makae and I were stuck eating fruit leather and pistachios since we're doing the Whole30 (no s'mores for us, wahhh!). Natalie wanted to be a part of the campfire songs but didn't know them so she stood and stared haha. We went on a group "flashlight hike" and then went to find a place to pee.

 It was a bit of a walk to the "bathroom" facilities and on the way home Natalie was running ahead in the dark and she tripped hard over a big speed bump and cut her hand pretty bad. She was not pleased, screaming and crying and wailing "speeeed bummmmp" while we made it back to the car for the first aid kit, but she cheered right up when I showed her the big Ace bandage and wrapped it around her hand. (Totally unnecessary medically; 100% necessary for morale). She woke up screaming in the middle of the night but wasn't awake enough to tell me why so I scooted my sleeping pad under her and took her bandage off and she calmed down after that. I still don't know if she was uncomfortable with the rocky ground or if the bandage was too tight, but crisis averted! Except then I didn't have a sleeping pad and the ground was extremely unforgiving. Overall I think we slept pretty well, all squished into the little tent.

 Haha I love this picture : ) We took this right after waking up - I love all of our messy hair, the way Makae is totally cocooned, my blankie shawl, and how beautiful Natalie looks.

It is pleasant to wake up to birdsong whilst camping, but we woke to crazy geese honking! It was jarring and rambunctious, not peaceful and scenic. (Yes, sounds can be scenic). The geese must have been ticked about something because they were loud and insistent!

 Natalie enjoyed her donut (Makae and I had a banana -_-) and we packed up and were on the road pretty early. The campground, Stagecoach Lake, was maybe half an hour away from our house - it was small and easy and definitely worked for our needs.

good morning and goodbye, campsite!
 We got home and Austin helped me (okay actually he did it all) roll up the sleeping bags, pads, and tents (I just shoved everything into the trunk when we were leaving, haha). Then we all sort of collapsed. Natalie was still being sensitive about her hand and was alternately excited about her bandage/really mad because it wasn't fitting right.

It was a great time! Super fun to have Makae with us and awesome to get some quality time with my Natsby.

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