Sunday, May 28, 2017


Natalie Jane
4yrs 22mos

doesn't like walking for long periods of time (read: gets "tired" after 8 steps)
loves playing games on electronic devices
generous - wants to give her toys away to friends
loves having FUN - very busy, likes to have planned activities and adventures
gets bored easily
very helpful
highly observant - doesn't miss a beat
loves bandaids, regardless of if she actually has an owie
materialistic - loves getting new things and gets pouty when she doesn't get to buy something
wakes up in the middle of the night and comes in "just to be with you, mommy"

Stockton Luke
3yrs 20mos

joins in if others around him are laughing
spends a lot of time looking out the front window
loves playing chase with his brother and sister
has to have his clothes off when he's pooping
still loves opening/closing doors
easily entertained
hates restrictions
loves big slides
sweet boy - loves being cozy and looking you in the eye nose-to-nose
pounds his fists into my back as a way of saying "hi, I haven't seen you in a while"

Jack Atticus
2yrs 1mo

momma's boy
speaks earnestly no matter what he's saying
loves books
drags multiple blankets around the house and gets frustrated when they get stuck on something
thrives at play dates (as long as I'm near)
cries in nursery for the first few minutes and then is fine
gives the best hugs
shakes his head dramatically when he says "no"
loves drawing

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