Friday, May 19, 2017

Preschool Graduation!

 Natalie "graduated" preschool today! They had a whole dance program and got a diploma and it was exactly what you would expect out of such an event. Natalie took everything very seriously during the program and then had fun being silly with her friends afterwards.

she was looking around worriedly and broke into a huge relieved grin
when she saw us 

 Isn't this an awesome picture of the three of them?! Makae and Aaron also came but somehow I didn't get any pictures of them. Natalie was VERY excited that Grandma and Grandpa could come! (Shout-out to my dad for staying home with the boys so we didn't have to wrangle them the whole time - thanks for taking one for the team!)

she LOVED the photo props

Miss Kaycee! She has been MOST wonderful and I'm so grateful for her.

Natalie's best friend Willow is coming to Kindergarten with her at Eastridge Elementary next year, yay! And Natalie didn't eat ALL DAY because she was so excited for the pizza promised after graduation haha.

I hope she knows how MUCH I love her
August 2016 vs May 2017:

 Natalie is bright, curious, kind, and observant. She loves knowing what's going on. She loves knowing how people feel and she loves feeling special. Her birthday is the day after the cutoff for official kindergarten so we have to test her in...assuming she passes, she'll be a kindergartner this fall! She is almost always in a good mood, almost always wanting me to participate in any activity she's doing at home, almost always being nice to her brothers. She is a complete JOY and I hope I always remember her cute little Natalie-voice, the way she likes to be cozy with me wherever we are, her enthusiasm when she's teaching me how to do something or giving me directions, and how she lights up any room that she enters. I don't do a good job writing down all the things that she says or does that make me smile but she impresses me, makes me laugh, and loves me every single day and I am so grateful that she is mine.

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  1. She is SO CUTE! I'm glad that preschool worked so well for her. You make me think of new possibilities.