Monday, May 8, 2017

(professional) Family Pictures!

 Our silly family! I just sat looking at all the funny faces trying to choose my favorite one but they're all good so I can't pick.

The "singles."

Makae is taking a break from BYU-Idaho to work at home in Nebraska (yay, more family close by!) until she goes on her mission! She's fun and real and supportive.

Makall is living in St. George (come back to the good life, Makally!!) cutting hair and being involved in the singles ward there. She's sensitive and faithful and happy.

Aaron is goofy, sincere, and original. He just got home from his mission and is looking for a job. (Yay, an Uncle who lives in Nebraska!) 

I love having "extra" siblings through marriage! I love feeling part of their group even though we didn't grow up together.

 The Nevada Poulsens. Anthony is a high school teacher in Panaca, NV and is the oldest Poulsen sibling. He's honest, good, and content to be in the background. Afton is thoughtful, giving, and patient. I'm grateful for the times we get to see them - out of all of the siblings I know Anthony the least since we've never lived in the same state, so it's fun for me to get to know him better.
 Ashlee is the most perfect niece in the world and I love her with my whole heart! She's curious, playful, and observant.
Makenzie made her friend drive her to West Yellowstone when I was there over Memorial Day weekend so she could meet me when I was engaged to Austin. We only got to talk for a couple minutes but I appreciated her effort to make me feel important and loved. She is passionate, confident, and traditional. It's been fun to see her and Kevin in their first year of marriage - Kev is so doting and appreciative of Kenz and it's very sweet. He's calm, funny, and good at making conversation.

Did you know that Anthony has run at least one marathon? Or that Aaron knows everything about Zelda?

Did you know Kevin loves going to ComicCons? Or that Austin is amazing at basketball?

Three Poulsens and a Wilbur

Did you know Kenzie has a "wall of fame" with pictures of famous people she's met? Or that Makae has a beautiful singing voice? Or that Makall wants to marry David Archuletta? (LOL!)

for some reason they decided not to keep this one......

 Did you know Afton is an awesome cook? Or that I secretly wish I could be a hip-hop dancer?

 I love this picture - Suzy is such a great mom and she looks so happy here with her girls!

THE ONES WHO MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE! Did you know Mike served a mission in Guatemala and is one of the most quietly caring people I know? Did you know Suzy wakes up crazy early every morning to go running and that she is the only person I know who legitimately loves hard core health food? These second parents of mine are good, down-to-earth people who love their family and love the Lord. They guide us and teach us and care about us every single day. They always remind us to pray for each other and are examples of the blessings of obedience and righteous living. I will always be grateful that they raised my future husband and are now standing by with watchful, caring eyes as we raise their grandchildren. 

Poulsen love!!

....p.s. I think there are more pictures somewhere, these are just the ones I got initially. Stay tuned!

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