Sunday, May 28, 2017


I'm texting my friend Lauren Borgolthaus right now and it occurred to me that if she had a blog she should call it SmorgasBORG. Ha.

Another busy weekend is almost done (although tomorrow is Memorial Day, and I've got a big ol' NAP planned since naps are my favorite and it might actually be plausible tomorrow). I LOVE when Austin is home from work. It's always such a treat!

our meadow of a backyard when we
delay mowing

Friday was productive but stressful. Stockton was up all night Thursday with an ear infection so I had to take him to the doctor Friday morning (which thank goodness we got in, now he's totally fine) and that sort of messed with my grand plans for the day. I did some other stuff, played with the kids, mowed the horribly long lawn, and made dinner for a family in our ward. I didn't leave enough time for the dinner though and had to head off to work, so Austin had to take the dinner to the family with the kids in the car while I took his car to work. He told me to "drive slow, it's acting weird." Eddy has never been the most reliable, smooth car so I didn't think that much of it, but I only made it a couple minutes from our house before it stalled completely, in the middle of rush hour traffic on the busiest street in Lincoln. It was really stressful. I got out, opened the hood and tried to hit the battery (a typical action to restart Eddy) but nothing was working. The insurance card wasn't in the glovebox, I was going to be late for work, I was getting mean glares from cars that I was blocking, and I didn't know what to do because Austin was driving dinner towards the other side of town and I know nothing about cars and blah it was panic-inducing.

Right as I was frantically calling Austin's parents to see if they could help me, my good friend Erika pulled up behind me. It was such a tender mercy! Now I had moral support, and someone to talk things through with. I was calm again and able to handle everything appropriately. Blah car stuff is the worst. My friend's husband came over and towed me to the car place (that was the most stressful experience of my life - I had to steer and brake while being towed and I thought I was going to crash into everything and blow stuff up and ugh it was so stressful. I practically jumped out of the car when we got there.) Turns out we need to replace the distributor, whatever the heck that is, and also some other expensive repairs, and now we're in limbo wondering if it's worth it to fix a crappy car but not having money to buy a newer one. Blah.

But! Then we spent a fun day in Omaha on Saturday and took our mind off the car. My dad took me and Natalie to P.F. Changs where we feasted - Natalie ordered "brown chicken" and ate every bite and then asked the waitress for more haha. My dad and I had good conversation and it was nice to go out and have Austin hold down the fort at home. We rewarded him with some takeout mongolian beef.

Natalie pilfering my leftovers
(she ate all my chicken!!)

my first time making goobars! my parents have made
this treat to share in bed late every Sunday night for
their entire marriage and we kids only ever got to have the
crusty outside leftovers the next morning. it felt
extravagant to eat more than a forkful.

creepy ghost Jack at the park haha
We went to the park (Jack got wet so he wore Annie's cut-off shirt and looked like a vagrant and a ghost), Target, park again, and watched Penguins of Madagascar twice. Stockton and Jack both took naps on the couch, Austin and my dad helped a family move a piano, we had homemade mac and cheese for dinner with Austin's friend Fluff and his wife Anna, and then the three of them took off for South Dakota to attend their friend's baby blessing the next day. I went home with three tired kids and then got a text from Renetta saying I should stop by to see their new baby - obviously I had to make that happen so Makae bailed me out and came over to be the adult at the house while I got to go meet Camille. (Thanks Makae....I continually owe you.)

 aren't his brown eyes luscious!?


sandy Natsby
 Babies are miracles. I love having my babies, but I feel almost as happy when my friends bring home their babies. Camille is perfect and teeny and lovely and WARM and it was so nice to meet her. Renetta has been the most wonderful friend all these years in Trendwood Ward and I am so happy for her and Dan.

Sunday (today) was good and bad. Going to church by yourself with three kids is not for the faint of heart. It worked out well enough though and I was proud of myself, but also super relieved when it was time to go home. Makae and Aaron came over for dinner since the rest of our family is out of town and we had yummy meatballs, mashed potatoes, and corn. Then we lounged around for the rest of the night very companionably.

Now I'm blogging and waiting for my devilishly handsome husband to get home from his quick trip. Isn't it wonderful to wait for someone you love? I love missing him and then being reunited. He fills in all the cracks in my life and is always there for me, even if I'm being annoying. He's loyal and steady and funny and my favorite person to come home to forever and ever.

And that's our weekend!

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  1. That car episode sounds awful! Worst fear. Sorry!

    You're​ so sweet. Enjoy the long weekend.