Monday, May 1, 2017


We had our final Poulsen hurrah this weekend before Makall, Makenzie, Kevin, Anthony, Afton, and Ashlee returned to their homes in Utah and Nevada. It was a fitting end to our week of Poulsen glory.

Have I mentioned before how much Stockton loves watermelon? He ate at least half of this giant bowl. Kevin and Kenzie made delicious ribs for everyone, slaving in the kitchen all day to get them right. Austin ate a rack and a half!!!!!!!!

watching some Wreck-it Ralph videos while waiting for lunch

the "kids" table (since I forgot to take a picture of all of us at the "big kids" table
Sufficiently exhausted from stuffing ourselves, everyone sort of dragged themselves out to the couches to be slugs for the rest of the afternoon, and then miraculously we decided by dinnertime that we needed to get Honest Abe's. Abe's has the best burgers in Lincoln (maybe Nebraska), and it's a family favorite when everyone is in town. We sent burger emissaries to pick up the burgers and bring them back to our house to scarf.

Ashlee helped teach us how to play Boom-o

we also played catchphrase and ended up still loving each other enough to take a giant selfie at the end
Then on Sunday we all met in Austin's parent's ward to hear Aaron speak in Sacrament Meeting. It was awesome hearing him tell stories about people he served on his mission and to hear him testify of the truthfulness and necessity of the Gospel. Aaron is super awesome and we're all glad he's back!

 Then more lounging after a chili lunch, and Makae creeping on my selfie with Jack. (I was trying to see if he was asleep or not and then I noticed Makae sneaking into the picture hahaha.)
And now everyone is home safe and sound in their various places and life is back to normal, with lots of new memories to enjoy. Love you, Poulsens! Til next time! (p.s. so excited to see the family pictures!!!)

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