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Sam and Hayden stopped in Nebraska on their way to move to Provo from Arkansas. We have been so happy to spend time with them! We'll do our traditional penne rosa dinner tonight and hope to see them again soon. 

We went to the zoo! (With Mimi, too!)

 We saw the aquarium, desert dome, and rainforest this time. Next time we planned petting zoo, butterflies, and splash park.

Sam and I noticed we were representing our schools with shirt/hat. Didn't even plan it. Also, I feel short.

For family night we took the kids to Pranch (Pizza Ranch) and it wasn't a total disaster. Typically we avoid sit-down restaurants as a family because it's so hard to keep Stockton in a seat, and Jack too, but Pranch sounded fun and spontaneous and we mostly made it work. I'm always sort of relieved when it's over haha.

We leave tomorrow for Utah! Poulsen family vacay!! I've been feeling anxious all week leading up to it but now that I've got some packing done and stuff gathered …


My mom got Natalie this ballet outfit for Christmas with the intent to have her take lessons, but we never looked further into it. Natalie wanted to get all dressed up like a ballerina yesterday, complete with hair, and she took it very seriously. I can't believe how grown-up and beautiful she looks!

 Isn't she just perfect? I love my pretty, curious, helpful girl SO much.
 We had a rough few days after preschool ended, but once we got used to the new routine we all settled in just fine. Natalie loves doing projects, planning activities, and scheduling outings. She is learning how not to ask for everything at the store, or to do every fun thing every day. I feel more proud of her every day, she's just so completely wonderful and I'm so grateful she's mine!

 Stickers, pioneer dress-up, and a nice outfit she wanted to go show the neighbors but they weren't home so I sent them this picture

I can't remember why/where we took this picture, but I love having pic…


Max got a cat! Ripley is 9 weeks old and super fuzzy and teeny and cute. We had a (horrible) cat growing up named Tee who bit and scratched us and only loved my mom. We didn't get a new one because turns out I'm super allergic and Max and I fought about it here and there but I always won because, well, him wanting a cat didn't trump my shriveled lungs.

Now that I've been out of the house for 8 years I felt like it was time to give up my anti-cat fight and make Max's dream come true. Hopefully with an allergy pill and not touching him, I'll be fine. Fingers crossed.

The kids went CRAZY for Ripley. They love him too much haha. Natalie is learning to be gentle; Ripley is learning to run away from Jack. Stockton calls him "Rip-uh-wee" and yells at him "HIII RIPUWEE!!!!" or "RIPUWEE, WHERE ARE YOU!!!??" It's comical and entertaining.

You can't really tell quite how small Ripley really is...he's tiny!!! He startles me every …

New Outings and Babies

I'm in baby heaven. Three of my friends have had babies within a month and it's glorious. I'm finding it to be very satisfying to enjoy their babies while I don't have my own currently - every time I've been around babies the past 5 years I've been distracted by my own, but now that Jack is 2 and definitely not a baby I really feel like I can love on and fully be with these babies. To be truthful I thought I'd be more jealous, but mostly I'm just happy for my friends and happy to help while I'm not in that particular mode right now.

 Camille <3 (doesn't Austin look good with a baby?)
And the Beddes twins! I couldn't believe I was holding TWO newborn babies. It was insane. Tuli and Jorji couldn't be more sweet.

Side note:
How do you handle kids getting out of bed when they are supposed to be going to sleep? I know I need to be consistent and firm but when Natalie slips out of bed and calls to me in her little high Natalie-voice saying,…

Random Remembers

I have a stack of papers that has been on my desk forever with pictures, statistics from pediatrician visits, and drawings that Natalie has done. I keep meaning to blog them so that I can throw them away but there they sit, not urgent enough to deal with but sweet enough that I can't get rid of them without first remembering them electronically.

TODAY IS THE DAY! I conquered the stack, threw away some of it that I ended up not even wanting to remember, and taking pictures of the rest so I will have it forever.

Here's the questionnaire that Natalie's primary teacher had her answer for Mother's Day last year. She was 3.

My mom's name is: Jessie
She is: 5 years old
My mom is: small feet tall
Mom and I like to play games - hide and sneak
My mom really loves to play ring around the rosie
Her favorite food is eggs
If she had time, she would really like to read books
My mom is really good at reading
Her favorite color is red
If I could go anywhere in the world with her, w…