Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Max got a cat! Ripley is 9 weeks old and super fuzzy and teeny and cute. We had a (horrible) cat growing up named Tee who bit and scratched us and only loved my mom. We didn't get a new one because turns out I'm super allergic and Max and I fought about it here and there but I always won because, well, him wanting a cat didn't trump my shriveled lungs.

Now that I've been out of the house for 8 years I felt like it was time to give up my anti-cat fight and make Max's dream come true. Hopefully with an allergy pill and not touching him, I'll be fine. Fingers crossed.

The kids went CRAZY for Ripley. They love him too much haha. Natalie is learning to be gentle; Ripley is learning to run away from Jack. Stockton calls him "Rip-uh-wee" and yells at him "HIII RIPUWEE!!!!" or "RIPUWEE, WHERE ARE YOU!!!??" It's comical and entertaining.

You can't really tell quite how small Ripley really is...he's tiny!!! He startles me every time he comes running by. It almost makes us consider getting a cat because of how much the kids love them......buuuut, I don't think I need that in my life right now. And I don't want to be in allergy land for the rest of my life. So, we'll just enjoy the Ripster!!

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