Tuesday, June 27, 2017


My mom got Natalie this ballet outfit for Christmas with the intent to have her take lessons, but we never looked further into it. Natalie wanted to get all dressed up like a ballerina yesterday, complete with hair, and she took it very seriously. I can't believe how grown-up and beautiful she looks!

 Isn't she just perfect? I love my pretty, curious, helpful girl SO much.

 We had a rough few days after preschool ended, but once we got used to the new routine we all settled in just fine. Natalie loves doing projects, planning activities, and scheduling outings. She is learning how not to ask for everything at the store, or to do every fun thing every day. I feel more proud of her every day, she's just so completely wonderful and I'm so grateful she's mine!

 Stickers, pioneer dress-up, and a nice outfit she wanted to go show the neighbors but they weren't home so I sent them this picture

I can't remember why/where we took this picture, but I love having pictures of us. I'm trying to be better about not being so self-conscious about how I look in pictures - in twenty years I will be so sad if I don't have pictures of me with my beautiful children!

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  1. We have Emma taking ballet at the Nebraska Ballet Theater and Dance Company at 27th and O Street, and we love them. If you are still interested, they are signing up for fall classes now!