Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Sam and Hayden stopped in Nebraska on their way to move to Provo from Arkansas. We have been so happy to spend time with them! We'll do our traditional penne rosa dinner tonight and hope to see them again soon. 

We went to the zoo! (With Mimi, too!)

Natalie wore her swimsuit and was thrilled
to get splashed

 We saw the aquarium, desert dome, and rainforest this time. Next time we planned petting zoo, butterflies, and splash park.

Sam and I noticed we were representing our schools with shirt/hat. Didn't even plan it. Also, I feel short.

For family night we took the kids to Pranch (Pizza Ranch) and it wasn't a total disaster. Typically we avoid sit-down restaurants as a family because it's so hard to keep Stockton in a seat, and Jack too, but Pranch sounded fun and spontaneous and we mostly made it work. I'm always sort of relieved when it's over haha.

We leave tomorrow for Utah! Poulsen family vacay!! I've been feeling anxious all week leading up to it but now that I've got some packing done and stuff gathered I'm starting to get really excited. We're borrowing my mom's van (bless her) and I'm ready to load 'er up and make sure we've got everything. We're staying in a hotel for the first time ever in Utah and I'm packing accordingly...more activities and food than we would bring if we were staying at someone's house like normal. It will be super fun to be right next to the rest of the family though and all be there together. Plus, HOTEL POOL. It's gonna be lit (as Max would say).

Pray that we get at least *some* sleep.

trip snats

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